Digital Risk Detection &

Web Intelligence

Safeguard corporate assets across the social, surface, deep, and dark web.

It is challenging to safeguard corporate assets from risks using only internal data and tools. 

Firewalls and endpoints do not account for vulnerabilities between the traditional corporate perimeter and where businesses engage – the social, surface, deep and dark web.

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Cybersecurity Beyond the Network Perimeter

Many organizations understand the importance of protecting the digital identifiers of their assets beyond the network perimeter. However, they face unique challenges when addressing risks across public online networks.

Growing Table Stakes

The expanding attack surface has increased compliance obligations, customer demands, and cyber insurance requirements.

Resource Gaps

It is challenging to find the time, budget, and skilled talent to make complex security solutions work.

Costly Decision Making

Making the proper security investment decisions is difficult but critical for optimizing business resilience.

Our Solution

Our automated risk detection workflows and industry expertise help fill resource gaps and streamline online risk detection.

We allow organizations to focus on remediating relevant risks rather than looking for them.

Our Value To You

Increase Security Posture

Strengthen your security strategy by addressing risks associated with the digital footprint of corporate assets.

Trusted Partner Expertise

Our expertise allows organizations of all skill sets and resource levels to mitigate risks across public online networks.

Address Security Requirements

Prove to customers, cyber insurance providers, and stakeholders that you understand your risks and exposures.

Leverage Our Expertise

Media Sonar Digital Risk Assessments provide organizations with an actionable report that summarizes online exposures and risks for the digital footprint of executives, brands, and supply chains.

We couple the expertise of in-house analysts with the capabilities of our Digital Risk Detection platform to scan high-probability online networks, curate findings, score risk, and provide remediation recommendations where applicable.

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