Streamlined Investigations,

Safer Assets.

Strengthen your security posture to better defend your public attack surface.

By now, most organizations have realized the importance of including Web Intelligence & Investigation in their security practice… but it isn’t easy.


85% of Security Practitioners have little training in OSINT techniques & risks


50% of Security Practitioners use 100+ manual searches and spreadsheets in their workflow


50% of Threat Practitioners spend more than 1/2 of their time gathering intelligence

Media Sonar solves these challenges by automating and accelerating Web Intelligence and Investigations.

digital risk protection software

Industry Leading OSINT Investigation

Our unique investigative module, Pathfinder, empowers both novice and experienced security teams with a streamlined path of next step related entities and a visible recording of your selected investigative trail.

digital risk protection

Integrated for Speed & Efficiency

Media Sonar integrates the top OSINT tools and data sources into a seamless, single platform that helps security teams automate and accelerate web investigations.

Your team will no longer be required to spend hours going in and out of multiple, incompatible OSINT tools and manually compiling results.

We want to make our Web Intelligence & Investigations platform more accessible. Make the most of your 2022 security  budget with up to 25% off all Media Sonar packages from now until March 1st, 2022.

Some conditions apply

Uniquely Unlimited

Unique in the Web Intelligence industry, we offer unlimited:

  • Searches
  • Protected Assets
  • Digital Footprints
  • Rules & Alerts
  • Cases

We combine this value with personalized 1:1 customer training and support. All questions answered, period.

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