Digital Risk Detection &

Web Intelligence for MSPs

Safeguard corporate assets across the social, surface, deep, and dark web.

Cybersecurity Beyond the Network Perimeter

It is challenging for MSPs to safeguard clients from risks using only internal data and tools. 

Firewalls and endpoints do not account for vulnerabilities between the traditional corporate perimeter and where businesses engage – the social, surface, deep and dark web.

Our Solution

With Media Sonar, MSPs can increase their standard of care and introduce new revenue streams by safeguarding client assets beyond the network perimeter.


Cost-Effectively Manage Risk

Our MSP-first solution and industry expertise help MSPs of all skill sets and resource levels strengthen the cybersecurity posture of their clients.

Avoid Inefficient Processes & Drive Business Growth

Our easy-to-implement solution allows MSPs to offer immediate value and protection for their clients across public online networks.

Reduce Cyber Insurance Premiums & Fines

With Media Sonar, MSPs can demonstrate to cyber insurance providers they are taking steps to protect sensitive client information.

Meet Regulatory & Compliance Requirements

Our solution helps MSPs adhere to security and compliance standards for their organization and the businesses they serve.

Leverage Our Expertise

Media Sonar Digital Risk Assessments provide organizations with an analyst-generated report that identifies and summarizes digital risks and exposed online information, scores risk, and provides remediation recommendations.

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