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5 Tips on How to Select a Threat Intelligence Vendor

Threat Intelligence

Your company most likely has IT security tools used to plug into the network infrastructure. But that often doesn’t tell security analysts any information about the source of the attack or who it is that has indirect access. Most importantly, the tools don’t provide the data and insights you need to a proactive threat intelligence strategy.

You need a provider that can provide a healthy balance between a high volume of cyber threat intelligence and targeted threat intelligence.


In addition to accuracy, the timing of the information is also important. If you are receiving information too late it may be irrelevant and no longer useful.

Finding a partner who can manage large amounts of data and also provide threat alerts will provide relevant insights and allow you to make better decisions faster.

Make Use of Collected Data

You need to be able to gather IP addresses, malicious domain names, file hashes and other indicators of compromise from an attack on your organization. You must also use that information to quickly identify similar attacks targeting your network in the future.

It’s All About Quality                         

Most organizations don’t have the manpower to go through the massive amounts of big data and define threats. You need a platform that is powered by artificial intelligence or machine learning and will sift through large amounts of data to provide only the top threat intelligence alerts.

Custom Solution

The most valuable intelligence is specific to your organization and assets, not only to your geography and industry. There should be a mechanism in place to prioritize alerts. A provider that also offers formal feedback processes can use that information to further enhance the service to your needs.

Cyber threat intelligence is critical for organizations that want to gain a comprehensive, tailored and relevant view of the potential digital threats and types of attackers that could be targeting them. Attackers never rest and neither can organizations in their quest for better threat protection and risk mitigation.

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