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Executive protection is important for many industries, whether VIPs are traveling to foreign locations or to protect them from threats closer to home. In the past, protection services involved safeguarding primarily the physical safety of VIPs and their families. Now, in a connected world, investigating and assessing risk in their digital lives is as crucial. People inadvertently open themselves up to risks online, and threats to VIPs are often delivered first on social platforms. The Internet can be an incredible source for people with malicious intent to gain awareness of executives’ travel plans. It is up to the intelligence-led protection team to identify these risks first and be able to anticipate danger to avoid crises.

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Executive protection is more than just an expense associated with defending executives from physical attacks. Executive protection also includes more preventative tactics related to ongoing risk assessment, and when threats occur, being able to investigate those threats to their source. But it can be costly. It might be difficult to justify the expense without knowing how corporations can benefit from an overall business perspective. When you consider the bottom line however, executive protection provides significant advantages.


Executive protection can make a big difference when it comes to corporate recruitment. If your organization expects executive employees to put themselves at risk in their job, or maintain a high profile role, offering professional protective services is a competitive advantage for recruitment. For companies interested in securing and keeping top talent for high profile roles, executive protection services can help to sweeten the deal and provide peace of mind for employees.


Executives are able to travel more often to dangerous parts in the world where security is an issue and where law enforcement infrastructure is lacking. This can make possible new business deals and opportunities not previously available. Within many emerging markets, the danger of travel increases. For corporations, sending top talent without protection can open them up to incredible risks and potential financial liability if something happens while their executives are traveling.


You need your executives to focus on what they do best. When they don’t need to worry about their own security, they can focus on their work. Executives are not trained to be vigilant about their own online behavior, that of their families, and their combined digital footprint. Having security take care of this for them, executives are freed up to focus on achieving business goals.

Executive Protection for a Connected World

For high-profile individuals, executive protection services are often necessary. As the number and complexity of security threats across both the physical and online worlds increases, corporations have an opportunity to enhance their competitive advantage through more robust executive protection services for leadership and key employees. In assessing risks to executives, the Internet and the digital footprints of VIPs and their families are invaluable and required. Online investigations play a key role in keeping assets secure and anticipating risks before they become a problem.

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