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The digital threat landscape has evolved, and we’ve evolved along with it. Media Sonar is proud to roll out two ground-breaking new modules to our already award-winning software. With Threat Models, conduct rule-based searches across millions of online data points to automate the detection of potential threats to your organization. Pathfinder is an easy to use visualization tool that collects and preserves intelligence-gathering activities in a visual map to show the connections within intelligence data. Both updates reflect our commitment and focus on improving the operational efficiency of security teams, and enhancing the effectiveness of our software in the pursuit of a safer world.

The threat landscape is evolving rapidly. Motivated threat actors are perpetrating increasingly sophisticated and creative attacks. Extreme acts of violence are perpetrated in public places and businesses with unsettling frequency. Business travel is vastly more dangerous. Insider threats, whether malicious or innocent, continue to facilitate the sharing of confidential and private data. The Internet and the way it can be corrupted by the human element, is quickly becoming one of the world’s greatest vulnerabilities.

Alongside these challenges, the security industry as a whole is facing an overwhelming shortage of talent with the right skills and experience to investigate these types of threats. Most organizations, up to 74%, are suffering from a shortage of skilled workers, putting additional pressure on security teams, and forcing them to train junior employees rather than hiring experienced professionals. To make up for the shortage of skilled workers, organizations need tools that ramp up the time to productivity for new hires and increase operational efficiency overall.

Automated Threat Detection with Threat Models

Media Sonar introduces Threat Models – a system that conducts rule-based searches across the Internet to identify potential risks to your organization’s critical and protected assets. With Threat Models, your security team defines the assets they want to protect, and the keywords and phrases that are indicators of different types of attacks. Since threats don’t always follow the same pattern, you can set up Keyword Groups to account for different phrases and terms for your organization, or make use of pre-built Global Keyword Groups to help jumpstart your implementation.

With Threat Models, your organizations can mitigate a wide range of physical and digital security risks. Physical security teams can monitor for threats to facilities, employees, executives, brands, and data. Brand and information security professionals can detect instances of brand impersonation, reputation risks, hacker conversations and intelligence, and more. Threat Models benefits organizations by reducing risks to people, places, and assets, as well as providing thorough and actionable business intelligence.

Visualize and Analyze Security Intelligence with Pathfinder

Investigations are not linear and Pathfinder reflects that idea. Media Sonar’s Pathfinder module is an easy to use intelligence gathering tool that resembles the way an investigation really works. Pathfinder displays intelligence within a visual map where you can collect, validate, and preserve your investigations and track the connections between the data. Entity extraction highlights key pieces of information within a post such as user names, locations, email addresses, and more, which helps instantly highlight new avenues of investigation.

Pathfinder is ideal for more complex and ongoing intelligence-gathering activities. It helps speed up investigations and is easy regardless of skill level. With access to sites and networks across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web, this new module has a huge impact on operational efficiency by reducing the time you spend manually searching. Pathfinder also helps speed up your investigations, helping your team increase their performance and productivity. It also helps streamline your security operations by preserving investigations for future analysis and due diligence.

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