Cybertech Conference Helps Cyber Teams Understand Emerging Trends


The Media Sonar team arrived back in Canada after a week of learning and networking at the Cybertech conference in Tel Aviv. VP of Product Management, Tyler Logtenberg and Business Development Executive, Mrigya Sharma had the opportunity to join the Ontario Trade Mission to share Media Sonar with the world and learn about other emerging technologies in the world of cybersecurity. 

A Unique Cyber Audience

cybertech global tel aviv 2020

As one of the leading cyber conferences in the world, Cybertech allowed attendees to network and share ideas with a diverse audience.

“You had the people who were trying to show the latest technologies that they’ve put together and then you had the people who were looking to evaluate what software to bring into their organization,” Tyler said. “The best part had to be the expo halls opened in the morning when all the vendors were walking around, talking to each other and learning how they can help each other and discussed potential partnership.”

Understanding Different Mindsets

With the variety of experiences and cultures that the group of attendees brought, it was interesting to see how the mindset changes based on these differences. 

“There was not any fear of failure and there was a massive excitement to build something that does a couple of key things very very well,” Tyler said. “This meant that from a partnership standpoint and idea standpoint, you came across companies that you wouldn’t see if you went to a smaller more local conference.”

“There were some cases where there were smaller companies who didn’t have the resources to head to North American events,” Tyler said. “With Cybertech, you could meet and learn about these people, what they do and what they are looking for”. 

One of The Biggest Pain Points for Cyber Teams

While there were a number of speakers and topics discussed throughout the week, the trend that was found most consistently across organizations was alert fatigue. 

“You have all these companies who are doing tailored threat intelligence and building different types of approaches as well as managed services companies looking to augment the SOC and analyst teams simply because they were getting so many alerts and such a high rate of false positives that it was something that is difficult for a human to catch up with.”

As an investigation focused platform, Media Sonar addresses alert fatigue by enabling analysts and investigators to conduct systematic detection and investigations and easily organize and share their findings all within one platform.

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