Media Sonar Technologies Launches Pathfinder to Accelerate Open-Source Intelligence Investigations

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Web Threat Intelligence and Investigation Platform Delivers Billions of New Data Points 30X Faster 

London, Ontario ‒ February 24, 2021 ‒ Media Sonar Technologies Inc, a Web Intelligence and  Investigation platform, announced today the launch of Pathfinder 2.0, accelerating open-source intelligence and investigations on Points of Interest investigations. This new module delivers results 30x faster than traditional investigation methods, driving swift business decisions to reduce risk and mitigate threats.

Media Sonar provides an intuitive cloud-based platform that allows security professionals to collect and analyze publicly available online data for relevant and real-time digital risk intelligence and investigation. Media Sonar’s software has played a key role in helping organizations in both corporate and public sectors to achieve their business goals. The platform addresses unique user needs with robust case management and NLP driven data augmentation, visualized analysis of investigations, real time alerts, scheduled search updates, and task auditing.

“Pathfinder is an investigation force multiplier empowering open-source intelligence with the right tools and data to make it actionable,” said David Strucke, co-founder and CEO of Media Sonar Technologies Inc. “We’ve integrated powerful tools and data sources used by OSINT investigators today with the workflow and case management systems of the Media Sonar platform to accelerate investigations while reducing effort – something that is greatly needed given today’s security practitioner resource shortages.”

Used to speed up the process for third-party vetting, executive protection, situational awareness, and information protection in organizations, Pathfinder is embedded in an action-oriented workflow for analysts to quickly act on any available information. Media Sonar’s Pathfinder works with a broad range of data sources and capture tools to answer specific questions that organizations regularly have about points of interest prior to making a decision or diving into a security investigation.

Pathfinder offers a multitude of new integrated tools, data sources, and capabilities, including: 

  • Broad Data Coverage
  • Domains
  • People & Organizations
  • Actionable & Efficient Workflows
  • Robust Investigation Platform

The data sources and data capture tools available within Pathfinder help meet an extensive range of security challenges related to Point of Interest digital investigations. It is where cybersecurity and web intelligence converge for domain, DNS, and IP address information that positions websites, informs how they connect to other bodies on the web, and reveals their reputation and history.  

To accelerate investigations while reducing effort, please contact Media Sonar at For more information about Media Sonar’s Pathfinder, please visit:

About Media Sonar Technologies, Inc.  

Media Sonar coordinates online intelligence and investigations by connecting the right tools and workflows into a single intelligent solution. Drawing from billions of sources across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web, our software provides visibility across the entire Internet and enables more efficient and effective investigations. Developed in consultation with experts in the field, Media Sonar is trusted by public and private sector investigators and analysts to protect the people, places, and things that matter most.

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