Media Sonar Brianne Edwards Wins HR Influencer Award

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“Canadian HR Reporter sought nominations for the inaugural 2021 Young Influencers list to showcase up-and-coming talent in Canada’s HR industry.

Interested participants were asked to fill out a brief entry form detailing the person’s recent accomplishments and what sets them apart from the crowd.

Criteria to consider included: demonstrated career progression and development in HR, and experience executing progressive HR initiatives.
The entry form asked for the nominee’s current role and responsibilities, along with an outline of the reason for the nomination, with a specific focus on performance and achievements from the past 12 months.

Canadian HR Reporter objectively assessed each entry for detailed information, true “rising stars” and proven success — along with benchmarking against the other entries — to determine the winners. We reserved the right to disqualify any nominations that did not follow the rules or demonstrate exceptional accomplishments.”

We are very pleased, and not at all surprised, to announce that our very own Director of People Operations, , was recognized as one of the top HR Young Influencers in 2021.

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