How MSPs Can Raise the Bar on Executive Protection

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More and more, threat actors are weaponizing the use of personal information, with executives being the most common and valuable victims. High-profile targets like C-suite have unique authority, broad access to sensitive information, and privileges to critical systems that allow threat actors to do more damage and reap a higher financial gain.

Without easy access to relevant threat indicators and tools to differentiate between harmless chatter and actual threats, MSPs that provide executive protection risk blindspots that can leave their client’s executives and their families vulnerable to data disclosure and physical harm.

Executive Protection at Scale

Converged Physical & Digital Executive Protection

Close protection only covers part of the story. Public online data is the earliest and most accurate information when it comes to digital security, physical security, and their intersection. 

With Media Sonar, consolidate online data from social media, open, deep, and dark web sources. Stay ahead of digital threats towards your client’s executives and trigger physical response when it’s needed.

Reduce Noise to Make Informed Decisions

One benefit of outsourcing security and executive protection to MSPs is their ability to leverage economies of scale. Clients expect their security service providers to keep up with the changing security ecosystem and be able to provide full coverage of critical assets, such as executives.

MSSP Web Intelligence

MSPs dealing with executive protection run into the inevitable task of triaging and verifying daily alerts coming from all directions. It can be time-consuming trying to cut through the noise to determine what requires action and what just simply needs to be monitored. With Media Sonar, generate focused searches and receive automatic alerts around direct or indirect violence, executive impersonations, information exposure, and more. Easily make connections between threatening posts, accounts, and usernames for quick triage and action.

Mainstream & Niche intelligence Sources

While access to mainstream sources is important, these major platforms have invested resources into detecting and removing violent or threatening content. As a result, threat actors tend to communicate on non-traditional forums and platforms. 

With Media Sonar, track known risks and identify new threats across mainstream sources and gain safe and anonymous access to obscure online networks and difficult-to-access web spaces like the dark web.

See the Full Picture to Accelerate Investigations

Navigating across different platforms and sources to piece together different data points is inefficient and can lead you to miss pertinent information. 

With Media Sonar Pathfinder, easily analyze a large amount of intelligence and visualize connections between actors and events in the digital world. Move seamlessly through your investigations and get a full picture of where a threat actor lives in the digital world.

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