Media Sonar Prepares for New Markets with Support from Softchoice


Before partnering with Softchoice, Media Sonar was already a cloud native and didn’t have any outdated legacy systems — however, that still came with its own unique challenges. Although the team had seen early success, as they prepared to innovate in new markets through expanded offerings and features, they knew optimizing their existing processes would be key.

“Having a centralized view of everything we have going on is essential,” shared Saul Aleman, Dev Manager Media Sonar. “Our existing processes had grown complex, making it difficult to monitor all of our services. If there were any incidents or systems that went down without us knowing, it would seriously impact our ability to provide customers with the service they’ve come to expect.”


Each of the company’s many data sources requires its own microservice, and each microservice’s usage varies based on customers’ hour-to-hour needs. It would be a difficult — if not impossible — task to achieve 100 percent availability and uptime as Media Sonar continued to grow.

As we worked with Softchoice, it was essential that we could plug and play with anything and everything that customers are using.

Read the full case study to learn how we worked with Softchoice to prepare for new markets.

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