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LONDON, CANADA. June 20th, 2022 – Media Sonar Technologies, a leading Digital Risk Assessment and Web Intelligence solution provider is making its web intelligence data more accessible than ever with the official launch of its Digital Risk Assessment (DRA) service.

With today’s enterprise attack surface expanding into social and web channels, security teams must look beyond network walls to stay aware of and protect the digital identifiers of executives, brands, vendors, and other corporate assets. When security teams lack budget, expertise, or time, it can be difficult to correctly attribute the number of resources it can take to identify vulnerabilities and risk reduction opportunities across the public attack surface.

Media Sonar’s DRA service works to fill resource gaps by combining seasoned domain expertise with its powerful Web Intelligence platform. Organizations can leverage a comprehensive yet easily consumable report that identifies and summarizes exposed information, reputationally damaging content, and acts of violence related to the worldwide digital footprints of an organization’s corporate assets. 

“We are thrilled to already be seeing such a high level of interest in our DRA services,” said Media Sonar Director of Product and Services Jason Mader. “Whether it be our current SaaS platform users, prospective clients, resellers, or managed service providers (MSPs), our DRA services are here to complement security teams’ efforts with our in-house domain expertise, broad online data coverage, and robust query-building capabilities.” 

By understanding and addressing the exposure of brands and corporate digital identifiers on the public surface, organizations can avoid being blindsided by digital risks towards executives and other corporate assets. This awareness may not stop every attack, but it goes a long way to prove an organization has taken as many preventative measures as possible. 

“The DRA report contains analyst-generated remediation recommendations, allowing security teams to focus on prevention and appropriate risk management, all without an increased internal workload,” said Mader. “Your efforts are more valuably invested in remediating and mitigating relevant risks rather than looking for them.”

Media Sonar is here to be a trusted partner in helping to grow and mature any organization’s security program. Book a meeting to learn more about how Media Sonar’s DRA services can help identify vulnerabilities and risk reduction opportunities across the public attack surface.

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Media Sonar Technologies is a growing digital risk assessment and web intelligence solution provider serving security and risk management teams globally. Our software and services are purpose-built to help safeguard organizations by addressing the online public attack surface that exists for their digital corporate assets – people, brand and supply chain. At Media Sonar, our craft is to transform the world’s information into insights that make a positive difference. We are here to be a trusted partner in helping to grow and mature organizations’ security programs. Visit for more information.

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