Media Sonar Joins Channel Program to Collaborate with Managed Service Providers

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ONTARIO, CANADA –  January 23, 2023. Media Sonar, a Digital Risk Detection and Web Intelligence provider, is excited to announce it has joined the Channel Program platform. Channel Program is a purpose-built marketplace that connects IT service providers and vendors. 

“Channel Program has been a great avenue for us to share thought-leadership content and make meaningful connections with service providers looking to expand their offerings,” said Anne-Marie Moore, COO of Media Sonar. “Their unique platform, in-person and virtual events, and a large network of MSPs and vendors have allowed us to collaborate and network in ways traditional marketplaces do not allow for.”

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About Channel Program

Since the start, Channel Program has been revolutionizing the $2.2 Trillion Technology Channel Industry. Its unique platform allows MSPs to read thought leadership content, collaborate with vendors and peers, join dynamic communities, and more. 

“Channel Program is excited to have Media Sonar joining our platform to make it easier for channel partners to find their technology.  Digital Risk Assessments are an important aspect of cybersecurity and overall risk assessment for MSPs to provide to their SMB customers,” said Matt Solomon, co-founder of Channel Program. “With the shift to a security first mentality, companies like Media Sonar are important for channel partners to have access to.”

About Media Sonar

Media Sonar is a Digital Risk Detection and Web Intelligence solution provider helping organizations safeguard assets across the social, surface, deep and dark web. Media Sonar software and services help surface exposures, indicators of data breaches, and reputationally damaging content related to executives, brands, and supply chains. Since 2013, Media Sonar’s craft has been transforming the world’s information into insights that make a positive difference. 

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