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Over the last several years, LinkedIn has grown in popularity, especially for those in security-related roles. A platform that once held the purpose of finding new career opportunities, LinkedIn has evolved into an excellent resource for networking with industry professionals and gaining access to industry-related best practices and research.

We have curated a list of ten cyber, corporate, and information security LinkedIn groups to join (in no particular order). Whether you are a seasoned security leader or just getting into the world of security, these groups hold useful insights and best practices from thousands of security professionals.

1. Information Security Network

305,000 members

Created by: Karl DiMascio – Owner at IntroSecurity

This group is dedicated to information security professionals who want to network with other like-minded people. The group welcomes contributions and thought leadership in all areas, including cyber security, risk and compliance, privacy and data protection (GDPR), security awareness, operational security, cloud security, and general infosec and cyber-related topics.

cybersecurity forum initiiative

2.  Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI)

410,000 members

Created by: Dr. Paul de Souza – Founder, Director, and President at The Cyber Security Forum Initiative

The mission of the Cyber Security Forum Initiative is to provide Cyber Warfare awareness, guidance, and security solutions through collaboration, education, volunteer work, and training to assist the US Government, US Military, Commercial Interests, and International Partners.

security industry group

3.  Security Industry Group

131,000 members

Created by: Peter Mawson – Founder at SecurityOnScreen.com

This is an international LinkedIn group for companies and professionals from within the security industry: manufacturers, integrators, installers, vendors, consultants, and security managers. The goal is to use LinkedIn to liaise and network when possible and appropriate.

information security community

4. Information Security Community

577,000 members

Created by: Holger Schulze – Founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Insiders

Information Security Community is one of the largest communities of cybersecurity professionals in the industry. The group is focused on building a network that connects people, opportunities, and ideas.

governance risk compliance linkedin group

5. Governance, Risk and Compliance Management (GRC)

162,000 members

Created by: M. Faisal Ansari – Chief Customer Advocate & CISO at Extensia

This community is focused on the core domains of governance, risk, and compliance. Members of this group are highly respected and well-placed professionals across industry sectors from around the world. The community brings together this wealth of professional experience for the collective benefit of all of its members by sharing experiences and learning from each other.

cio forum

6. CIO Forum

82,000 members

Created by: Sue Yanovitch – VP Marketing at Foundry (an IDG, Inc. company)

The CIO Forum, facilitated by CIO.com, is where members of the CIO community can connect and collaborate to move their business technology initiatives and careers forward.

data centric security

7. Data-Centric Security

55,000 members

Created by: Brent Peacher – Senior Account Executive, DoD at NextLabs 

Data-Centric Security was created to raise awareness about cyber threats and encourage information sharing among professionals involved in corporate security, information security, and the intelligence community. Topics of interest may include the utilization of open source data to protect physical assets and individuals, identify sensitive information that has been compromised, malware, phishing, identity theft, and related subject matter.  The group is primarily intended for individuals who share a common interest in cyber intelligence to share information and ideas, but also as a vehicle for individuals in related fields to network and potentially create business opportunities.

intelligence based cyber security

8. Intelligence-Based CyberSecurity

34,000 members

Created by: Cliff Vazquez – Chief Information Security Officer at Encora

The Intelligence-Based Cyber Security group was created as a resource for security professionals to exchange ideas on cybersecurity strategies for protecting today’s complex infrastructure.

ciso2ciso global cybersecurity group

9. CISO2CISO Global Cyber Security Group

95,000 members

Created by: Marcos Jaimovich – Business Information Security Manager / Head of COE for Architecture, Data Security, Cloud Security at Prisma Medios de Pago

The main objective of the CISO2CISO Cyber Security group is to build a large global network of professionals with knowledge and experience in information security, to share information receiving and giving help to the whole community of people interested in information security.

security leaders group

10. Security Leaders Group

14,000 members

Created by: Richard Stiennon – Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest

The Security Leaders Group was created for security professionals in leadership positions. It is an opportunity to network with others that share the same issues and interests.

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