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reduce OSINT false positives

Minimize False Positives in Your OSINT Investigations

OSINT  false positives occur when an alert is generated from a keyword or phrase being identified, but the context of the keyword is not the context intended. In our recent document, you’ll learn:

  • The financial cost of false positives
  • Techniques to minimize and reduce the impact of false positives on your team.
  • How Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are evolving to create a human-like, contextual understanding of language to reduce false positives.

Papers & Reports

the hidden and visible elements of OSINT

Distinguish between public and private conversations and how to manually and automatically query the Surface, Deep and Dark Web.

open source intelligence across the surface deep and dark web

Distinguish between the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and learn the importance of Internet investigations in assessing public and private risk.

Understand the legal & ethical best practices for gathering OSINT and learn how to keep personal bias and civil liberties at top of mind.

reduce OSINT false positives

Learn techniques to minimize and reduce the impact of false positives and how Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are evolving to create a human-like, contextual understanding of language to combat alert fatigue.

covid19 threat intelligence

Understand how we used Media Sonar to support human intelligence and risk management planning related to third-party & supply chain risks, insider threats while working from home, emerging cybersecurity threats, and physical security for facilities.

dark web markets corporate security public safety

Understand the risks that Dark Web marketplaces create, and how they endanger public safety and corporate security.

Case Studies

insider threat investigation

A private company operating hospitals, care centers, and medical practices across multiple North American cities was having a hard time combatting a high number of cybersecurity threats. Their information security team had a strong defense but were blind to threats that happened outside their system.

Understand how their team used Media Sonar and open-source data to close the external threat intelligence gap.


osint alert fatigue
Combating OSINT Alert Fatigue – 4 Tips & Tools
Due to the high volume of false positives, many security teams can suffer alert fatigue which can lead to less than ideal behavior. Analysts can begin to miss, ignore, or turn off alerts.  Although this behavior is clearly understandable, it can lead to teams missing important indicators of genuine threats.
natural language processing with osint
OSINT Advances With Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing is a form of machine learning that allows for the teaching of context to a data processing program. Its goal is to enable the rough creation of a human-like understanding of language. While it will not completely replace traditional keyword searching at this point - it will be a bolstering factor to efficacy and relevancy in OSINT investigations.