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covid19 threat intelligence

Securing Business with Human Intelligence

The COVID-19 crisis has had a tremendous impact on the world and, overnight, organizations were faced with the disruption of operations and a surge of emerging threats. Globally, systems were disrupted and ties were severed.

Understand how we used Media Sonar to support human intelligence and risk management planning related to:

  • Third-Party & Supply Chain Risks
  • Insider Threats While Working From Home
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Threats
  • Physical Security for Facilities


osint public conversations
The Hidden and Visible Elements of OSINT: Part 2
There is a lot out there in terms of public conversations. People use the Internet to communicate everything, even beyond the boundaries of what is often acceptable in regular society. OSINT investigators will want to capture all conversations and interactions surrounding an event for a threat actor they are investigating.
hidden and visible elements of the internet using osint
The Hidden & Visible Elements of OSINT: Part 1
The investigative process requires the right lens, and you need to know where to start looking. OSINT techniques uncover information about malicious threat actors, possible threats, or crimes that have occurred in the conversations and breadcrumbs that people leave behind on the Internet in the commission of, or in relation to, the acts.
osint investigation techniques
OSINT Success: Efficacy While Remaining Legal and Ethical
What was once the domain of highly specialized teams even half a decade ago, the collection and utilization of OSINT data as a function of security is now becoming a critical component of overall threat intelligence for both corporate and cybersecurity teams. With this rise in priority has come the expansion of teams and an influx of new OSINT practitioners.
due diligence and background investigations
Ins & Outs of Due Diligence using OSINT
All organizations conduct some form of due diligence. It enables decision-makers to identify relationships that will serve in the best interests of their shareholders, customers, employees, and brand. Incorporating OSINT into your due diligence process will be key to getting the information you need.


Case Studies