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Anatomy of Corporate Security
Anatomy of Corporate Security
Risks are not always the concern of one department which means operating in silos is no longer the most efficient approach to security. Many enterprises separate their security departments into physical security and information security, where adopting a converged security approach might be a more effective way to protect a company’s important assets.
Bad Actors on Discord
Discord is corrupted by a slew of activities from credit and loyalty cards, drugs, hacker resources to harassment and doxxing services.  Security professionals conducting Internet threat intelligence activities on TOR Dark Web sites might also consider that Discord poses similar dangers as a popular hidden network.
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Impact of Brand Impersonation Attacks on Brand Reputation
One of the biggest risks that occur towards your brand is online brand impersonation attacks. These attacks come in a number of shapes and forms that require different strategies in place to properly protect, detect, and mitigate the monetary losses as well as the impact on your brand reputation.
What can we learn from cybercriminals?
“In the 1970s, for example, computer viruses were just a prank; today, ransomware is a very lucrative market. Cybercriminals have realized the potential gain and started to operate as mature businesses with large investment and R&D budgets.”
Fixing the Insider Threat Investigation Gap
Meet the insiders: the non-responder, the pawn, the colluder, the entrepreneur, and the destroyer. Humans are enormously variable. Failing to account for that, lacking the right intelligence, and not understanding where your biggest vulnerabilities lie could result in costly security incidents.


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