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threat intelligence maturity

Take The Right Steps Towards OSINT Maturity

The momentum to evolve security to include OSINT comes in the form of advanced platforms like Media Sonar that are capable of supporting an organization’s ability to detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Distinguish between the types of threat intelligence and how they can be incorporated into your organization’s security practice
  • Learn how to overcome common obstacles to OSINT adoption and start thinking of security with a long-term strategy
  • Advance the maturity of your security posture by making threat intelligence actionable at all levels of the organization

Papers & Reports

osint investigation best practices

Applying the right investigative lens to understand the behaviour & language of threat actors across the Surface, Deep & Dark Web

online investigation software

Distinguish between the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web and learn the importance of Internet investigations in assessing public and private risk

is osint legal

Understand the Laws and Warrants that apply to Law Enforcement and Corporate Security Teams

False positive report cover

Tips and techniques to reduce false positives and combat alert fatigue at the source

business threat intelligence during covid-19

Using Internet Threat Intelligence to adapt to COVID-19 and redefine security operations

investigating the dark web

Understand the risks that Dark Web marketplaces create, and how they endanger public safety and corporate security

Case Studies & How To Guides

insider threat investigation

A private company operating hospitals, care centers, and medical practices across multiple North American cities was having a hard time combatting a high number of cybersecurity threats. Their information security team had a strong defense but were blind to threats that happened outside their system.

Understand how their team used Media Sonar and open-source data to close the external threat intelligence gap.

osint for brand protection

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your organization and product brands are your company’s greatest assets and need to be protected. It takes years to develop public goodwill which can be seriously undermined by cyber fraud, such as brandjacking and the sale of counterfeit goods.

Learn primary OSINT sources and understand how to use OSINT to detect & investigate brand cybercrime such as brandjacking and the sale of counterfeit or stolen goods.

osint for poi investigations

Security teams who require information about a POI will need to secure the right open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources and techniques in order to identify threats and manage risk to their organizations. OSINT has incredible power, but you need the right tools and data to make it actionable.

Best practices for gathering, consolidating, and organizing open intelligence to easily navigate through your Point of Interest (POI) investigations from start to finish.


cost of data breach finance security and healthcare
Healthcare and Finance: The Unequal Burden of Malicious Attacks
As healthcare and finance grapple with the mounting threats, growing costs, and accountabilities, security professionals are facing huge hurdles. Caught between a rock and hard place, many organizations are looking for new ways beyond defense and including proactive intelligence activities involving open sources of information.