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Investigating a world in crisis: novel Coronavirus
Official reports from the CDC and WHO only told part of the story. Using the Media Sonar platform, we used a simple set of queries to quickly identify any newly reported cases as they were discovered. This information helped fill any gaps and delays in official reporting and helped to provide an early warning of new cases in North America.
digital intelligence for facility protection
Facility Protection with Both Eyes Open Using Media Sonar
What does situational awareness have to do with facility protection? Facility protection involves protecting physical spaces. This is traditionally accomplished by controlling access and monitoring the physical space for threats. Security personnel observe people, and their behaviors, to inform what actions need to be taken at any given moment. The responses tend to be more reactive than proactive because you must rely on what you see to dictate what to do.
What is I2P?
It is not unusual for Dark Web markets to appear in many forms across different networks and platforms to expand their reach. More recently, however, markets are leaving the Tor network entirely and relaunching their illicit businesses in places like Discord, Telegram, and some are even considering I2P.
Gathering Risk Intelligence For Your Facilities
For physical security professionals managing safety and security risks to locations and facilities, this might involve access control, camera systems, or even drones. But consider this: The Internet is undeniably where people go to communicate. An offensive approach using Internet chatter and data from social media, news, blogs, and the Dark Web is necessary to mitigate risks to human lives and protect brand interests.