Brand Protection

Protect your brand from revenue-damaging risks across the public attack surface.

Existing and engaging across social and web channels is key to expanding business, driving engagement, and building brand awareness in today’s digital world. When looking to safeguard an organization, these same channels house content that can result in brand damage, loss of customer trust, and revenue loss.  This has forced security teams to look beyond network walls to protect their hard-earned brand value. 

Media Sonar helps organizations effectively address revenue and brand-damaging risks where customers engage, business is conducted, and brands are built or destroyed – the public attack surface.


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Avoiding Brand Damage from Information Leaks

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The average cost of a data breach is $4.62 million, with lost business representing 38% of that. By taking measures to provide greater visibility into digital risks now, organizations can avoid being blindsided by the exposure of information before it becomes available for access and abuse in the future.

Media Sonar reduces the time and expertise needed to identify exposed information. Click to apply risk-informed, expert-curated language and queries across social media, code-sharing sites, paste sites, forums, and marketplaces where this data is bought, sold and discussed.

Protecting Brand Reputation Where it Matters

64% of global consumers said that a brand’s position on social and political issues decides whether or not they purchase from that organization. Keeping abreast of sentiment across the public, deep, and dark web has never been more critical for an organization’s brand and bottom line.

Media Sonar helps organizations exist confidently across social and web channels. By proactively establishing a baseline of where potential brand and revenue damaging content exists, security teams can adjust their own practices and mitigate brand damage before the content escalates.

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Surfacing Violent Content Involving Brands

While violent content involving executives or employees involves personal targeting of that specific individual, there are threat actors that make similar threats towards an entire company. 

Media Sonar cross-references direct and indirect digital identifiers related to an organization such as domains, emails, websites, etc. across social media, forums, and dark web properties to detect indicators of violence to your brand, people, and facilities.

Automate & Scale with Media Sonar

Today’s digital threat landscape is vast and it can be overwhelming and time-consuming for an organization to manage the amount of data associated with a brand across today’s public attack surface. Media Sonar reduces the time and expertise needed to uncover risks where brands exist and engage. 


Build, enrich, and store known digital identifiers of the brand you are looking to safeguard and let Media Sonar’s technology immediately discover additional identifiers you didn’t know.


Use expert-built plug-and-play queries or build your own custom queries associated with key risk categories of interest for brands and other assets across high-probability sources.


Evaluate results using an interactive, single-pane dashboard, enrich findings with Pathfinder and OSINT toolkit, and create a report to support Digital Risk Assessments of your brand.

“Media Sonar has improved our open-source searching capabilities and reduced the amount of time spent manually searching for OSINT. Using digital footprint search, setting up automated alerts, and creating specific cases for continued monitoring are just a few examples of how Media Sonar has been helpful and improved our team’s efficiency in protecting and mitigating potential risks.”

– Supervisor, Global Security Intelligence Center at a Large Auto Manufacturer

Analyst Generated Digital Risk Assessments

Many security teams are faced with significant time and expertise constraints in managing the dynamics and breadth of today’s digital attack surface and are not able to address this security coverage gap.

Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment services offer a comprehensive yet easily consumable report generated by our team of expert analysts. The report identifies and consolidates exposed information and reputationally damaging content related to your brand. Potential risks are classified with remediation recommendations that allow your security team to focus on prevention and appropriate risk management – without an increased internal workload.

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Why Media Sonar?

Security Posture

By addressing risks across the public attack surface now – that is, social, surface, deep and dark web channels, – organizations can do their diligence and take as many preventative measures as possible to avoid being blindsided by digital risks associated with their brand in the future.

Trusted Partner

Whether performed through the Media Sonar platform or leveraged through our Digital Risk Assessment services, our industry and domain expertise work to fill security talent gaps and let teams act on the relevant brand-damaging risks rather than looking for them.


Media Sonar reduces the time and expertise needed to search and consolidate brand information across the public attack surface – allowing security teams to focus on decision-making and remediation.

Leverage Our Expertise

Media Sonar Digital Risk Assessments provide organizations with an analyst-generated summary of identified risks and exposures.