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Brand Reputation

Actively manage your brand reputation

Brand Reputation management is critical to growing a business. Public perception of a brand is a fragile thing and negative brand health can impact loyalty, sales, and even recruitment.

With visibility across the web and custom alerts developed with brand analysts in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective brand management in the digital age.

Negative Sentiment

Brand health is a fragile thing. Negative feedback can very quickly result in major problems for your brand.

With Media Sonar:

Access to a broad range of sites across the Internet, including public social posts, where negative feedback is often shared

Easy to read social insights reporting to capture brand sentiment and activity over time

Online Impersonation

Brand impersonation is an increasingly common problem that brands are forced to deal with each day.

With Media Sonar:

Detect instances of brand impersonation and monitor situations as they unfold with custom alerts

Quickly see who interacted with fraudulent posts and content online

Counterfeit Products

Selling counterfeit products online, whether by fraudulently impersonating brands or covertly on the Deep Web and Dark Web, can damage brand health and may be dangerous for consumers.

With Media Sonar:

Visibility across the entire Internet, including the Deep Web and Dark Web, where counterfeit products may be sold

Create custom alerts across the web for each of your product lines

Media Sonar In Action

An international manufacturing company used Media Sonar to monitor global trends, keywords and brand sentiment across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web to ensure the safety of their executive team after receiving a bomb threat to their CEO’s house. As part of the operations team’s routine, they now do daily searches for keywords and public sentiment to proactively stay ahead of any risks or mitigate potential threats.

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