Brand Protection

Harness the Power of Web Intelligence & Investigation to Protect Your Brand

Public perception of your brand is a fragile thing and fraudulent uses of your brand can negatively impact customer loyalty, sales, and shareholder value.

Media Sonar provides a scalable means to automatically detect and fully investigate inappropriate usages of your brand across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web.


Global Security Risk is Brand Damage


Estimated Global Losses due to Brand Damage


Of Organizations Suffered Brand Damage as a Result of a Data Breach

Protect Your Brand’s Digital Presence & Customer Trust

Brandjacking can occur on many fronts.  Social media account takeovers, spoofed domains and phishing emails are increasing in both frequency and sophistication.

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Protect Customer's Personal & Financial Data
Investigate Who is Behind the Fraud
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Real-Time Awareness of Breaking News about your Brand, Peers & Industry

When major developments happen that impact your brand, your team needs to be made aware immediately, and be able to easily share the news with relevant players within your organization. Negative or erroneous comments about your brand can quickly gain traction if ignored.

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Prioritize What Matters

Identify Where Stolen & Counterfeit Goods are Being Sold Online

Security professionals must also look beyond digital brand fraud to fraudulent products. Low quality products with your branding can have a negative impact on revenue and customer trust.  Authentic, stolen goods that are sold online are a sign of security problems in your supply chain or an insider threat.

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Anonymous & Secure Dark Web Access
Streamline Your Investigations

How To Use OSINT to Protect Your Brand & Mitigate Damage

OSINT techniques to detect & investigate brand cybercrimes to reduce the impact to your organization's brand