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03 Jun: The Hidden and Visible Elements of OSINT: Part 3

Beyond private conversations, which are not legally accessible without warrants if at all, there are hidden data sources that live on what is called the Dark Web. The Dark Web is an unconnected collection of private spaces online where communication, sharing, and transactions can often occur in plain sight. It has been corrupted though, and security professionals and law enforcement are taking great interest in this type of activity.
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30 Apr: OSINT Success: Efficacy While Remaining Legal and Ethical

What was once the domain of highly specialized teams even half a decade ago, the collection and utilization of OSINT data as a function of security is now becoming a critical component of overall threat intelligence for both corporate and cybersecurity teams. With this rise in priority has come the expansion of teams and an influx of new OSINT practitioners.
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01 Apr: 5 Key Benefits of Having an OSINT Team

It is possible, if not likely that your organization is already using OSINT tactics. Digital information is ubiquitous and even unavoidable. But are you using it effectively? Experienced OSINT analysts are hard to come by, but they are best positioned to detect and investigate risks to your organization using open-source data including social media, blogs, forums, and media sources.
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29 Jan: Facility Protection with Both Eyes Open Using Media Sonar

What does situational awareness have to do with facility protection? Facility protection involves protecting physical spaces. This is traditionally accomplished by controlling access and monitoring the physical space for threats. Security personnel observe people, and their behaviors, to inform what actions need to be taken at any given moment. The responses tend to be more reactive than proactive because you must rely on what you see to dictate what to do.