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Anatomy of Corporate Security

20 Nov: Anatomy of Corporate Security

Risks are not always the concern of one department which means operating in silos is no longer the most efficient approach to security. Many enterprises separate their security departments into physical security and information security, where adopting a converged security approach might be a more effective way to protect a company’s important assets.
Retail Violence Blog Graphic

25 Sep: Using Threat Intelligence to Proactively & Reactively Investigate Violence

While some people may assume that violent criminals do not share their intentions of violence on the Internet, people are using online environments to share these intentions more frequently. Although not all violent incidents involve the Internet, some criminals believe that the anonymity that the Dark Web offers allows them to gain support from their online community without being identified. 

10 Sep: Media Sonar Automates the Detection of Internet Threats

Feature Launch: With Threat Models, conduct rule-based searches across millions of online data points to automate the detection of potential threats to your organization. Pathfinder is an easy to use visualization tool that collects and preserves intelligence-gathering activities in a visual map to show the connections within intelligence data.