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Manage Business Operations & Disruptions During Covid-19

Access real-time open-source intelligence across the Surface, Deep & Dark Web

Open-Source Intelligence in a Crisis

Although we can all get general news on the crisis from Google, OSINT sources can provide custom insights for your organization. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in Internet chatter across social media, news, blogs, and discussion boards.

In order to understand this rapidly changing crisis, your organization requires coverage of these channels to make informed business decisions that impact your operations.

To help organizations at this time of crisis, Media Sonar will donate, free of charge, 6-hours of professional service from our product specialists to help you quickly set-up custom alerts and tracking for your organization’s unique challenges.

In addition, to make it easy for organizations to access our software we are offering a short-term, low-cost license (Crisis Package).

Crisis Package

$5,500 USD

Premium Package for 3 users/3 months

Dark Web Access

Free 6 hours of Professional Service

How OSINT Can Help You Manage Business Operations

Everything is changing at a rapid pace. Right now there isn’t a ‘normal’ so having real-time information that is relevant to your organization is your most valuable tool.

mitigate the impact of covid-19 on supply chain disruptions

Mitigate Supply Chain Interruptions

Media Sonar software and our free product specialist time can help you to create custom alerts and track changes that could impact your:

  • Pre-production suppliers 
  • Distribution systems and travel restrictions
  • Wholesalers 
  • Retailers

Together we can:

  • Create advanced queries related to all crucial elements of your supply chain including manufacturers, retailers and shipping partners. 
  • Gather Internet chatter across social media and discussion boards to identify where there are product shortages and items in high demand.
  • Learn how travel restrictions will impact your distribution systems from suppliers and down the chain to your consumer
  • Pair custom keywords and search terms such as company name or location-data with our pre-built COVID-19 search queries to get the information you need with less manual searching.
real time situational awareness

Gain Real-time Awareness for Relevant Locations

Media Sonar software coupled with our 6-hour donated product specialist time, can create custom alerts to track changes occurring in and around your customer and employee locations:

  • Official, centralized reporting is not available in real-time and it may be several days before cases are confirmed – bypass this information delay
  • Social media, local news sources, and discussion boards can help fill gaps and delays to gain early warning of new cases

Together we can:

  • Build Threat Models for your organization’s assets to highlight impact on your regional workforce, your customer base and your facilities.
open source threat intelligence software

Free 6 Hours Professional Services

Reduce your time searching with 24/7 custom alerts to your email giving you more time to spend on other operations while still getting the information you need.

  • Our product specialists have set up custom search queries and models and will work with your team to tailor these models to your organization’s needs.
  • We will help get users set-up and trained to gather the intelligence needed to make informed decisions during this rapidly changing pandemic. 

Interested in seeing how our platform can help you manage supply chain disruptions & challenges to business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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Crisis Package

$5,500 USD

Premium Package for 3 users/3 months

Dark Web Access

Up to 6 hours of Professional Service