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Welcome to Media Sonar

Criminal Activity Investigation

Protect communities and provide justice to victims of crime

The Internet has changed the way we live. Criminal activity is also shifting, making the Internet a vector for malicious activity that results in real-world consequences.

With simplified tools and case management workflows developed with law enforcement in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective investigations in the digital age.

Gather Intelligence

Today, digital evidence and intelligence is a cornerstone to most investigations. Law enforcement and government use Media Sonar to protect communities and to provide justice to victims of crime.

With Media Sonar:

  • Safely access a broad range of sources across the Surface, Deep Web and Dark Web
  • Quickly locate relevant data and evidence using advanced search and filtering tools

Key Person Identification

Tracing criminal activity online to real persons offline is a manual and time-consuming process.

With Media Sonar:

  • Capture fast and reliable identity information with our intelligent Digital Footprint tool
  • Discover personal connections and leads to secondary, anonymous profiles

Investigate Criminal Networks

To investigate the ongoing digital presence of illegal drugs, weapons and human trafficking, Media Sonar delivers broad visibility and simplified workflows to combat organized criminal networks.

With Media Sonar:

  • Search Deep Web and the Dark Web sites where illicit or extremist activity is conducted
  • Create alerts to automatically monitor crime related keywords and trends as they evolve

Media Sonar In Action

A law enforcement agency in California was having difficulty tracking down the person robbing cell phone stores and selling the phones online. They could identify a car used in the robberies but they couldn’t connect the car to the suspect. Using Media Sonar’s Digital Footprint function they found a connection to the suspect’s mother who drove a car of the same color, make and model as the one used in the robbery. This led to the arrest of the suspect.

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