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Crisis Management

Assess and respond to complex needs in extreme situations

When the unexpected happens, even the best plans can fall short. With life being documented and shared online, good times and bad, the Internet is the first place security teams should look to understand the nature of a crisis and to avoid bigger problems.

With custom alerts and collaborative workflows developed with security teams in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective crisis management investigations in the digital age.

Situational Awareness

Crisis management teams use Media Sonar to anticipate hazards and make sense of complex situations such as natural disasters, active shooters and other extreme events.

With Media Sonar:

Access to a broad range of sources across the Internet, including public social posts

Advanced search filtering tools and custom alerts to monitor situations as they unfold

Browser-based software that you can access while on the move

Assess Needs

Ongoing intelligence helps security teams determine what needs exist and the best way to prioritize their response.

With Media Sonar:

Save posts and content with one click to ensure they are available even if deleted by the user

Easy to read social insights reporting to capture sentiment and social activity over time

Coordinated Response

In a crisis, it takes a team to coordinate response to varied and often complex problems on the ground. The longer the delay, the more compounded these problems become.

With Media Sonar:

Organize new and incoming data in a familiar case management workflow

Collaborate and share with team members to share the relevant and timely data

Media Sonar In Action

Our software helped to support law enforcement during the Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria disasters in Puerto Rico. Understanding online sentiment or the nature of posts through online network was extremely important for troopers on the ground. Media Sonar software allowed officers to anticipate the needs of the citizens, validate information and gain visibility into public morale including any looting or violent events.

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