Crisis Management

Assess & Respond to Complex Needs in Extreme Situations

When the unexpected happens, even the best plans can fall short. With life being documented and shared online, good times and bad, the web is the first place security teams should look to understand the nature of a crisis.

With custom alerts and collaborative workflows developed with security teams in mind, Media Sonar’s Web Intelligence & Investigation platform will help your team stay situationally aware in a time-sensitive crisis.


Increase in Work Travel Risk In 2020


Crisis Plans Do Not Include Pandemic-Specific Actions


Of Leaders Have Experienced as Least One Corporate Crisis in the Last 5 Years


Situational Awareness

Crisis management teams use Media Sonar to anticipate hazards and make sense of complex situations such as natural disasters, active shooters and other extreme events.

Broad Data Coverage
Stay Ahead of Threats

Assess Needs

Ongoing intelligence helps security teams determine what needs exist and the best way to prioritize their response.

Easily Store Information
Capture Sentiment with Social Insights

Coordinated Response

In a crisis, it takes a team to coordinate response to varied and often complex problems on the ground. The longer the delay, the more compounded these problems become.

Easy to Use Case Management
Collaboration & Sharing Capabilities

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Boaden your lens on your digital attack surface to secure your brand and assets.