Digital Risk Assessment Services

Manage your corporate asset exposure to mature your security program.

It’s clear that today’s enterprise attack surface has expanded to include public online networks. This puts additional pressure on security teams to be aware of and protect the digital footprint of their corporate assets in ways they’ve never considered before. Knowing where the digital identifiers of executives, employees, brands, and vendors exist globally across the public attack surface is key to identifying vulnerabilities and risk reduction opportunities.

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Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment services offer a comprehensive yet easily consumable report that identifies and summarizes exposed information, reputationally damaging content, and acts of violence related to the worldwide digital footprints of an organization’s executives, brand and other corporate assets.

We use our product in conjunction with the expertise of in-house Web Intelligence security analysts to:

Identify and summarize exposed online information related to corporate assets.

Assess and classify potential risks associated with digital corporate asset online footprints.

Provide remediation recommendations that allow your security team to focus on prevention and appropriate risk management – without an increased internal workload.

Smartly Invest in your Security Posture

Experienced Partner

Complement your security team’s efforts with our in-house domain expertise, broad online data coverage and robust query building capabilities. Your efforts are more valuable invested in remediating and mitigating relevant risks rather than looking for them.

Business Resilience

By understanding and addressing the exposure of brands and corporate digital identifiers on the public surface, organizations can avoid being blindsided by digital risks towards executives and other corporate assets. This awareness may not stop every attack, but it goes a long way to prove an organization has taken as many preventative measures as possible.


When security teams lack budget, expertise, or time, it can be difficult to correctly attribute the amount of time and skills it can take to keep on top of the public attack surface. Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment service, backed by the power of our product and our expert team of internet security analysts, help fill the gaps in addressing public attack surface risks that a security team is faced with.

An Inside Look at our Digital Risk Assessments

The Digital Risk Assessment report is an easy to consume summary suitable for both executive and security team members. Our Digital Risk Assessments are available on an ad hoc or recurring engagement basis for key assets and target risk areas defined by the client. What’s inside:

  • Executive Summary
  • Comprehensive digital asset footprint findings overview
  • Detection summary of web content for physical, reputational, and digital threats using risk-tailored keyword libraries and queries associated with
    digital asset footprint
  • Analyst curated risk scoring of key findings
  • Remediation recommendations where applicable
digital risk assessment services

Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment applies our seasoned domain expertise to develop exposure, vulnerability and threat detection scenarios associated with your executive and brand assets across the open, social and dark web. Coupled with first-level analysis and scoring of the information gathered, our team of experts enhances your coverage of the public attack surface and delivers it in a format and cadence that works for your business and security needs. We are here to be your trusted partner and extension of your team to help grow and mature your security program.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Boaden your lens on your digital attack surface to secure your brand and assets.