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Event & Venue Security

Protect your guests before, during and after an event

Whenever there is a large public gathering, keeping people safe and making sure they have no complaints is a big job. The complex requirements of event and venue management are simplified with broader intelligence from online data sources before, during and after an event.

With custom alerts and collaborative workflows developed with security teams in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective crisis management intelligence in the digital age.

Situational Awareness

Being aware of what is happening on the ground is important for the protection of guests, not to mention the safety of security teams.

With Media Sonar:

Access a broad range of sources across the Internet including public social posts

Advanced search filtering tools and custom alerts to monitor posts during an event

Browser-based software that you can access while on the move

Detect Problems

Security and event management teams use Media Sonar to monitor for safety concerns that could ultimately lead to bigger problems.

With Media Sonar:

Search the Deep Web and Dark Web to detect counterfeit ticket sales

Identify issues negatively affecting guest experience before, during and after an event

Create alerts to automatically search for event and venue related keywords

Media Sonar In Action

Local law enforcement use Media Sonar to be situationally aware of what was happening at a major sports venue and the surrounding area during “big game” days. This allows their team to get in front of potential challenges and monitor off-site tailgating parties, weather, traffic and other trends that may become an issue during these large public gatherings.

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