Executive Protection

Protect Your Executive or VIP From All Angles With OSINT

Executives and VIPs are exposed to more threats from more attack vectors today than ever before. They are the target of hackers, disgruntled employees, and dissatisfied customers. Risks such as account takeovers, business email compromise, or simply negative/threatening digital conversations and comments can lead to financial, brand, and in some cases physical harm.

Incorporate Web Intelligence & Investigation capabilities into your security operations to provide your executive with more comprehensive and timely protection.


Total cost of CEO Fraud 2016-2019


Total CEO Fraud Complaints Made to FBI IC3 2016-2019


Reported BEC Scams in 2019

Detect Executive Impersonations Early

It happens every day.  Executive and celebrity social accounts are taken over in order to garner the trust of unsuspecting followers. The hacker’s goal is to deceive people out of funds and personal data.  The side effect is damaging public trust in both the VIP and the organization they represent.

Limit False Positive Alerts
Repeatable & Scalable Investigation Process

Understand Risk & Threatening Behavior

People are typically more aggressive in their language online than in real life. However, there are times when aggressive posts can be a precursor to real physical risk to your Executive or VIP.

Understanding Threat Actor Behavior
Save Time with Ready-to-go Rule Sets

Situational Awareness for VIP Travel & High Risk Events

With unrest in many countries around the world, travel routes and destinations must be researched thoroughly both in advance and in real-time.  To achieve this in a scalable way use Media Sonar to gather relevant intel concerning the geographic, political and social climate.

MSSP Web Intelligence
Learn Public Sentiment at a Glance
Be Aware of Confidential Information Leaks

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Boaden your lens on your digital attack surface to secure your brand and assets.