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Executive Protection

Protect your executive from all angles

Executives and their families are exposed to more threats today than ever before. The digital world makes it easier for actors with malicious intent to learn about a VIP’s personal information and movement, exposing them to harm on many fronts.

But you can counter these threats. Intelligence gathered from online sources can empower you to provide more comprehensive protection to your Executives – Making you aware, and enable you to investigate, those seeking to cause harm.

Physical Protection

Whether your Executive is at home or in the office, online intelligence will give you situational awareness of their surroundings to ensure there are no threats being discussed across the millions of niche blogs, forum, social platforms or on the Dark Web.

With Media Sonar:

Custom search queries and 24/7 alerts will make you quickly be aware of potential issues impacting your Executive or their location – Allowing you to plan a timely response should one be warranted.

Social Insights Reporting will give you a high-level view of public sentiment towards your Executive, helping you to identify potential individuals of concern.

Executive Travel

VIP travel plans can innocently be revealed by a family member’s comments or through malicious actors intending harm.

With Media Sonar:

Safely search the Dark Web to learn of any malicious activities targeting your Executives and VIPs while they are vulnerable traveling.

24/7 alerts & custom queries will let you know when sensitive information, such as travel itineraries, are exposed to the public.

Online Impersonation

Your VIP’s name is a valuable resource, one that online bad actors may very well impersonate for their own gain.

With Media Sonar:

Generate a comprehensive Digital Footprint of your VIP. Learn unexpected handles and profiles and stop digital impersonations.

Media Sonar In Action

An international manufacturing company used Media Sonar to monitor global trends, keywords and brand sentiment across the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web to ensure the safety of their executive team after receiving a bomb threat to their CEO’s house. As part of the operations team’s routine, they now do daily searches for keywords and public sentiment to proactively stay ahead of any risks or mitigate potential threats.

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