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Private Healthcare Organization Gets Proactive About Insider Threats: Case Study

Closing the external threat intelligence gap with open-source data

A private company operating hospitals, care centers, and medical practices across multiple North American cities was having a hard time combatting a high number of cybersecurity threats. Their information security team had a strong defense but were blind to threats that happened outside their system.

Across the organization, the private hospital network had over 60,000 employees. Their information security team knew it was not a matter of if, but a matter of when an insider threat would occur.

60% of cyberattacks in the healthcare industry are from trusted insiders


As a healthcare provider, this company was more likely to suffer a cybersecurity attack. If a bad actor or hacker group managed to access and misuse their data or systems, it could spell disaster given patient health and confidentiality were at stake.

The information security team knew outside threat actors were only part of the problem. The majority of the risk to their networks & data came from insiders.

They turned to Media Sonar, an OSINT investigation and threat detection platform, in order to quickly search consolidated open-source data on the Surface, Deep and Dark Web, and actively listen for indicators of insider threats that were a current or potential future risk to their assets.

When an employee or trusted third party falls victim to a hacker’s scheme and inadvertently creates a compromise, or they do so maliciously and knowingly for profit or to cause harm, the possible outcomes are similar in all cases – costly security incidents, loss of revenue & damage to customer relationships.

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