Information Protection

Look Beyond Your Corporate Walls to Protect Your Data & Intellectual Property

Data breaches are highly publicized and can cause significant damage to your customers, sales, and stakeholder confidence.  Media Sonar provides a scalable method for your team to use OSINT to proactively investigate risks of attack with auto-detection across dark web markets, hidden forums, and social media channels.

$1.21 M

Global Average Cost of Data Breach

$1 M

Average Savings From Containing a Data Breach in <200 Days


Of CIOs Report an Increase in Volume and Complexity of Data Breaches in 2020

Identify ALL of Your Attack Surface Vulnerabilities

Go beyond your corporate walls to monitor deep and dark web forums for hacker chatter, tools and methods being shared that could harm your organization. Give yourself a head-start to shore up weaknesses before a breach can occur.

Real-Time and Daily Alerts
Repeatable Investigation Workflow

Verify & Mitigate Known Breaches

It’s crucial to locate your breached data as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your customers, brand and bottom-line.

Limit Manual Effort
Meet Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Gain Efficiency and Merge OSINT into your Daily Workflow

Often security teams are understaffed due to workload and a shortage of trained professionals. It’s crucial to ensure that practitioners have streamlined workflows to increase efficiency and decrease time spent on low-value work.

Merge Web Threat Discovery and Intel into your security technology/tech portfolio.
Conduct Digital Investigations With Ease

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