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Insider Threats

Discover vulnerabilities within your organization

People close to your business have access to unique inside information concerning security practices, technology systems or personal credentials. If this information got out, it could spell big problems for your organization.

With a broad range of data sources and custom alerts developed with security teams in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective insider threat investigations in the digital age.

Detect Leaks

Whether malicious or accidental, exposure of confidential information online happens all the time through posts, screenshots or photos online.

With Media Sonar:

Safe access to a broad range of sources across the Surface, Deep Web and Dark Web

Advanced search filtering tools and automated alerts to quickly identify sensitive leaked or stolen data

Investigate Threats

When companies experience a breach or theft, remediating is not the end of the story. Knowing what happened and who is responsible can help identify problems within your organization.

With Media Sonar:

Access the Deep Web and Dark Web for unique intellectual property related keywords and codebases

Investigate selling stolen merchandise or intellectual property on the Deep Web and Dark Web

Trace who is sharing and accessing the data by connecting them to their Digital Footprint

Media Sonar In Action

A major manufacturer found with contract and skilled workers cycling through the plant, valuable products and machine parts would quickly disappear. As a result, our client used Media Sonar to monitor specific Deep and Dark Web markets to locate any stolen merchandise being sold. This allowed them to notify authorities and reconcile their inventory.

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