Insider Threats

Look Inwards For Your Greatest Risks

Employees are in a position of trust.  Occasionally this trust is compromised either through negligence or malicious intent. Media Sonar provides a scalable way to bring Web Intelligence (WEBINT) & Investigation into your security operations, allowing your team to quickly detect early warning triggers and efficiently investigate potential insider threats to your organization.

$4.86 M

Average Annual Cost of Insider Threats Per Organization


Average Number of Days to Contain an Incident


Of Insider Threat Incidents are Due to Employee Negligence

Beware of the Negligent Insider

Negligence is the most common cause of insider threat incidents. Staff are either unaware of regulations and security practices or choose to ignore them to increase efficiency or decrease workload.

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Insiders With Malicious Intent

Although not as common as incidents of negligence, insiders with malicious intent do exist and can cause great harm. The average cost of this type of threat being 3x that of negligence.

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Credential Theft Is Increasing

Credential theft is the costliest type of insider threat with the 2020 average being $756k per incident.  Include an extra layer of intelligence to your current security plan to minimize the impact should your employee’s credentials hit Dark Web Markets.

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Private Healthcare Organization Gets Proactive About Insider Threats

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