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Intellectual Property

Safeguard your intellectual property from exploits

Ideally, intellectual property is secured and closely guard. If competitors catch wind, it could end up costing a lot or worse yet, it could fall into the hands of malicious persons who use it to exploit vulnerabilities.

With a broad range of data sources and custom alerts developed with security teams in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective intelligence gathering in the digital age.

Discover Leaks

Having the right intelligence at the right time could save you a lot of money where intellectual property leaks are concerned.

With Media Sonar:

Safe access to a broad range of sources across the Surface, Deep Web and Dark Web

Advanced search filtering tools and custom alerts to quickly locate relevant data and evidence

Investigate Breaches

When companies experience a breach, remediating the breach is not the end of the story. Knowing what happened and who is responsible will help ensure similar breaches do not happen again.

With Media Sonar:

Access the Deep Web and Dark Web for unique intellectual property related keywords and codebases

Trace who is sharing and accessing the data by connecting them to their Digital Footprint

Media Sonar In Action

A major vendor in the tech and telecom sector used Media Sonar to build keyword, hashtag and “critical vulnerability exposure (CVE)” searches and alerts across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web. This proactive work enabled them to continually monitor the safety of their intellectual property including new version codes.

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