You’re Exposed Like Never Before

Get Ahead Of The Harm

In uncertain times, online awareness has never been more critical. The Surface, Deep and Dark web provide more ways than ever for bad actors to damage your brand and exploit your executives and customers.

Use open source intelligence against those with malicious intent, and arm your security team with Media Sonar, an integrated and scalable OSINT platform.

Get ahead of the harm and take back control with Web Intelligence & Investigation.

Protect Your Brand In Turbulent Times

The value of your brand is a fragile thing. Intelligence gathered from the surface, Deep and Dark Web can help your organization be aware of potential threats and protect your assets should a brand attack occur.

Media Sonar provides a scalable and integrated method to automatically detect and fully investigate attacks on your brand, by providing seamless visibility across all areas of the web.

Limited Time Offer


Ends February 15th

  • Premium Package for 3 users/3 m
  • Dark Web Access
  • Custom Onboarding Training

$4,950 USD


Media Sonar integrates the top OSINT tools and 100,000s of data sources into a seamless, single platform.

Your team will no longer need to spend hours going in and out of multiple, incompatible OSINT tools, bringing their findings together in a stand-alone spreadsheet.


Build custom, AI enabled alerts around your brand assets.

Natural language processing will filter out irrelevant noise to ensure your team focuses on real risks rather than irrelevant content.


Conducting OSINT investigation with Media Sonar is 30X faster than using traditional methods involving multiple sites and spreadsheets.

Using Media Sonar, smaller security teams or those with less experienced staff will be able to easily expand and evolve their intelligence gathering capabilities.


When major developments happen that impact your brand, your organization needs to be made immediately aware.

Team sharing and reporting make cross-departmental communication easy.


Brandjacking can occur on many fronts. Social media account takeovers, online impersonations, spoofed domains and phishing emails are all increasing in both frequency and sophistication.

Without automated monitoring of your brand assets, brandjacking can go undetected and cause significant damage to revenue, data privacy and customer trust.


Negative or erroneous posts about your brand can quickly gain traction if ignored.

Custom threat models linking your brand assets to risk keywords will help your team stay ahead of any trends that could snowball.

Limited Time Offer – Big Benefits, No Strings

  • During this limited time offer (over February 28), secure the benefits of Open Source Intelligence now without a long-term commitment. (3-month license)
  • Thoroughly assess the ROI of Media Sonar during your 3-months of real-world use.
  • No hidden costs – unlimited queries, data, and storage.
  • Customized, hands-on onboarding for accelerated ramp-up.
  • Access to industry and product experts to consult and assist with set-up and keyword group development.

$4,950 USD

Ends February 15th

Now Ends February 28th