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Deliver Client Value Beyond Network Walls

MediaSonarVantage helps MSPs safeguard clients’ executives, brands, and supply chains across the social, surface, deep and dark web. Better protect customer data, reputation, and bottom line to deliver on your trusted promise.

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Differentiate Your Offering

Increase your revenue and margins by expanding your coverage to include the ever-increasing threat landscape found in web channels.  Provide web threat intelligence and investigation capabilities to set your services apart and increase your client security posture. 

Scale and Grow

Improve operational efficiency of your analysts and increase ROI on existing solutions by including our assistive technology and embedded investigative workflow to augment your security incident data. 

Take advantage of our unmatched sales training and support to grow within your customer base and beyond.

Partnering With Us

Key Benefits

Data Coverage

Access to an expansive index of Social, Open, and Dark Web sources alongside key closed intelligence databases in a single place.

Road Mapping Sessions

Our partners’ needs are critical to our product roadmap.  We’ll meet with you regularly to outline upcoming features and gather your insight for further platform enhancements to drive operational efficiency at scale.

Flexible Integration

To improve both speed and convenience, our threat alerts can be delivered via a Firehose API to integrate into your security operations tech stack.

Automated Alerts

Immediate and daily alerts from our asset-driven custom rules engine or advanced search queries.

Branded Reports

Apply your logo and brand to case reports and exports to keep your service top-of-mind.

Team Access

A customizable team-based environment drives collaboration and keeps teams in the know and organized.

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Increase ROI of existing solutions and introduce new revenue opportunities with Media Sonar.
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