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When You’re In a Crisis, You Need Information Now!

We know you don’t have time to learn new software & sell its value to your C-Level

The Media Sonar team wants to help you get the Open Source intelligence you need to deal with a current crisis, without the training time. Our new Crisis Package includes 6-hours of service time where we will set up:  

  • Search Queries
  • Assets/POI
  • Threat Models & Alerts
  • Cases
  • Any other step you need to help you get the information you need for the crisis at hand.

The 3-month license keeps the price down while still giving the OSINT access you need now. Minimizing the need to jump through hoops to get funding approval.

Unlike other vendors, Media Sonar does not charge extra or limit the number of searches or assets.

Crisis Package

We’ll work with your team to set up a crisis dashboard with search queries and alerts to address the needs of your company.

  • $5,500 USD
  • Premium Package for 3 users/3 months
  • Dark Web Access
  • Free 6 hours of Professional Service

Detect & Investigate Threats Across Open-Source Content In 75% Less Time

Get access to blogs & forums, fringe and core news sites, social media platforms & more. See how Media Sonar can help you with:

Interested In Learning More?

osint best practices legal osint ethical osint

OSINT Best Practices: Legal & Ethical Considerations

  • Understand the legal and ethical best practices for gathering open source intelligence (OSINT).
  • Distinguish between the laws and warrants that apply to Law Enforcement and Corporate Security teams gathering OSINT.
  • Learn how to eliminate personal bias and keep ethics and civil liberties at the top of mind to maximize the effectiveness of your investigations.
covid19 threat intelligence

Securing Business with Human Intelligence

Understand how we used Media Sonar to support human intelligence and risk management planning related to:

  • Third-Party & Supply Chain Risks
  • Insider Threats While Working From Home
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Threats
  • Physical Security for Facilities
natural language processing and machine learning

OSINT Advances With Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a form of machine learning that allows for the teaching of context to a data processing program. Its goal is to enable the rough creation of a human-like understanding of language.

While it will not completely replace traditional keyword searching at this point – it will be a bolstering factor to efficacy and relevancy in OSINT investigations.