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Brand Protection Investigations Using OSINT

Billions of dollars are lost each year to online scams, and billions more are forfeited due to lost customer trust in your brand

The digital use of your brand has never been more important as the world increasingly turns to eCommerce and online business interactions throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your organization and product brands are your company’s greatest assets and need to be protected. It takes years to develop public goodwill which can be seriously undermined by cyber fraud, such as brandjacking and the sale of counterfeit goods.


  • Reduced or lost customer trust from brand fraud can lead to lower sales now and lower engagement in future sales and marketing efforts
  • Victims of a brand fraud may seek restitution from the legitimate brand
  • Resulting unfavorable PR can negatively impact shareholder value 
  • The direct cost to locate and take down impersonation sites and protect from future events


You can gather OSINT from a wide variety of sources and sites as long as the information is available to the public. The intelligence you gather can be essential for identifying potential brand fraud, however, it can take time to sort through the various sites and sources to get to the relevant data.

Book a demo to see Media Sonar’s breadth of data sources and built-in tools to help you quickly detect and investigate brand fraud.

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Automatically Detect Threats to Your Brand

Media Sonar’s asset-focused threat detection system streamlines the detection of brandjacking threats. Our platform allows you to apply expert-crafted keyword groups and relevance filtering rules across over 100,000 sources of open data, to find potential threats to your brand assets such as your website or social media accounts.

Rapidly Triage & Investigate an Active Situation

Any concerning pieces of information can be brought into the full power of the investigative canvas.

Utilize millions of data points, the most powerful OSINT tools on the market, and AI to triage, explore, link, investigate, share, and report 30x faster than through traditional methods.

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How to Use OSINT to Protect Your Brand

how to use osint to protect your brand


  • Primary OSINT sources to investigate brand cybercrime
  • What brandjacking involves (domain spoofing, social media impersonation, fake emails) and methods to detect and mitigate brandjacking fraud
  • OSINT techniques to detect and investigate counterfeit goods sold online along with country-specific steps to report found fraudulent activity