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Conduct OSINT Investigations 30x Faster

Media Sonar OSINT Toolkit can be used to augment and streamline the intelligence process of third-party vetting, executive protection, situational awareness, and cybersecurity indicators to drive swift business decisions that reduce risk and mitigate threats.

There are billions of data points across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web – making it almost impossible to manually find where threats towards your organization may exist. Security teams need a better way to harness the incredible power of open-source intelligence in order to reduce risk and mitigate threats.

Our New OSINT Toolkit is an investigation force multiplier that helps security teams streamline the intelligence process and perform more thorough investigations on Points of Interest (POIs). Get access to the most powerful OSINT tools and data sources used by investigators today to accelerate investigations, reduce effort, and make more informed business decisions.

osint investigations

Security Teams Need Automated Tools for OSINT Collection


Each new project and investigation into a POI requires sourcing and compiling information. Traditional methods of manually searching across multiple search engines and disparate data sources do not meet the demands of modern organizations. 

Security teams need a more efficient way to consolidate different data sources and gather open intelligence in one central place.

The OSINT Toolkit integrates powerful data sources and data capture tools that allow security teams to easily and quickly access a larger breadth of current and passive historical POI data. OSINT Toolkit consolidates your data in one, easy to use workflow to help answer the specific questions organizations regularly have about POIs prior to making decisions or diving into a security investigation. 

OSINT Toolkit delivers results 30x faster than traditional investigation methods by integrating and connecting together the best data capture tools and action-oriented workflow.

How Our Current Customers Are Using OSINT Toolkit for POI Investigations


  • Input names, emails, usernames, and phone numbers to build a Footprint

  • Get social media or platform accounts associated with people or emails

  • Find out if an email or account is suspicious, or if it has compromised in a breach

  • Search for exposure across social sites, news, blogs, and the Deep & Dark Web


  • Find out if a website is malicious, including reputation scores

  • Find out if there are similar or typosquatting domains

  • Get information about subdomains, services, and hosts

  • Search for exposure across the web, including the Deep & Dark Web


  • Find out if there are any transactions associated with crypto wallet address

  • Get information about amounts sent and received

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Efficient Security Workflows Required for OSINT Investigations

Gathering open-source intelligence is only part of the battle – knowing what to do with the information once you get it is a whole other story. It takes a highly experienced OSINT investigator to triage, explore, link, investigate, share, and report on the intelligence they gather. 

Automated tools with more efficient workflows are needed to bridge this knowledge gap and speed up the process of OSINT investigations.

The OSINT Toolkit is embedded into Pathfinder, an action-oriented workflow that allows analysts to easily make connections and open up pathways of investigation with each new piece of data, making for more efficient security investigations.

The faster OSINT data about POIs can be consolidated, triaged and explored – the lower the financial and reputational costs to your organization. 

OSINT Toolkit accelerates open-source intelligence investigations by 30x over traditional methods and drives swift business decisions that reduce risk and mitigate threats.