Pricing & Bundles

Our Asset Protection Bundles are designed to safeguard the assets and risks that are most important to you.

Complement your existing executive protection efforts by identifying and remediating risks that impact your executives’ and organization’s reputation, physical safety, and bottom line.

Core Risk Protection: 

  • Breaches and Leaks
  • Reputational Damage
  • Threats of Violence

Risk Add-Ons: 

  • Crisis Management & Response
  • Derogatory Language/Slurs
  • Family Violence

Custom Bundles

Work with us 1:1 to build a Custom Bundle that aligns with your security goals and budget.

Select Assets.

Identify the executives, brands, and third-parties you would like to safeguard.

Select Risks.

Identify the risks you would like to safeguard these assets from.

Working With Us.

Have an in-house team? Choose our Web Intelligence platform. Looking to offload and bridge gaps? Leverage our expertise with Digital Risk Assessments. Or combine both.

Leverage Our Expertise

Our Digital Risk Assessments couple our in-house expertise with the capabilities of our Web Intelligence platform. We provide a report of identified exposures and remediation recommendations related to executives, brands, and supply chains across social, surface, deep and dark web sources.

digital risk assessment services