An actionable, visual workflow for Web Intelligence Investigations

See Connections Between Actors & Events

Pathfinder makes the most complex intelligence tasks scalable, allowing smaller teams to tackle much more, and larger security and investigation teams to be even more powerful with less time.

Accelerate Investigations with Pathfinder

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Start to explore and pursue possible relationships between actors, commonalities across assets, and connections within your intelligence. Take next steps within the Investigation Canvas to fetch more information from Media Sonar’s OSINT Toolkit comprising key tools and databases.

Easily Analyze a Large Amount of Web Data with Pathfinder

Automatic Extraction

Automatic extraction of usernames, domains, emails addresses, and other entities using Natural Language Processing.

Interactive Graph

An interactive graph to visualize connections between actors and events.

OSINT Toolkit

An embedded OSINT Toolkit with access to key intelligence tools and databases, and to search across all available data sources.

Key Benefits

web intelligence investigation


  • Pathfinder provides a continuous and iterative analysis of all connected entities across entire cases.
  • Accelerated next steps on each connection using the OSINT Toolkit – a framework of the most sought-after tools and databases.

Faster Workflow

  • Pathfinder is dynamically populated as you search open and dark web data sources, run Footprint Search, create Assets, and save to cases.
  • Reduce manual effort through NLP to automatically match usernames, domains, email addresses, and other entities.

Flexible Use Cases

  • Use it for specific events connected to executives, domains, facilities, brands, and more.
  • Map the identity, activity, and relationships of threat actors and networks.


Connections Graph

An interactive graph to analyze large amounts of data in a single screen, plus search and filter what you see.

OSINT Toolkit

Robust and powerful framework of intelligence tools and databases to gather information on entities, and entity pairs.

Automatic Correlation

Matched entities are identified and displayed as nodes in your graph when data is saved to cases.

Entity Extraction

Natural Language Processing extracts usernames, person and organization names, domains, email addresses, phone numbers, and crypto addresses.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Boaden your lens on your digital attack surface to secure your brand and assets.