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People Vetting

Ensure you have the right people on your team

You need to make sure you have the right people on board. Some roles need additional vetting, especially when hiring someone who will be handling key duties or be in the public eye. Make sure your best assets don’t turn into your greatest vulnerabilities.

With a broad range of data sources and custom alerts developed with security teams in mind, Media Sonar helps you conduct efficient and effective employee vetting in the digital age.

Personal Profiles

People are increasingly active on the Internet and their online posts leave a trail of historical information. This data is useful intelligence for determining if a person is right for the role and to get ahead of anything that was said in the past.

With Media Sonar:

Capture fast and reliable identity information with our intelligent Digital Footprint tool

Discover personal connections and leads to secondary, anonymous profiles

Ongoing Visibility

People who share their opinions online often forget that this information can be seen by the public. For public-facing roles, this can be dangerous.

With Media Sonar:

Detect new posts by or about a person with custom alerts for keywords, hashtags and specific accounts

Media Sonar In Action

A major sports league’s public relations team used Media Sonar to gather online research on their draftees and current players as it relates to managing their team brand. This included ensuring players were not making negative comments or misrepresenting the brand online.

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