Web Intelligence & Investigation at Scale

The Media Sonar Platform

Our Web Intelligence & Investigations platform will broaden your lens on your digital attack surface, helping you to secure your brand and assets and strengthen your security operations posture.  

Equip your security team with visibility into indicators of threat emerging outside of your organization, with intelligence from the Open and Dark Web.

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Data Augmentation & Investigative Actions

dark web threat intelligence

Generate profile information for persons, assets, companies, and domains with one click.

Explore Natural Language Processing (NLP) generated entity information like username, email, phone number, domain, IP, credit card, crypto address, and beyond.

Build and track your digital investigative path connecting entities and relationships across IP, domains, emails, usernames, organizations 

Visualization, Tracking & Audit

Connect the dots between the actors and data for a bird’s eye view of a threat and the ability to deep-dive to discover new avenues of investigation.

Access to Social Insights Reports will give you a high-level view of public sentiment towards your brand, executives and other key assets.

Meet compliance and security requirements with administrative access to detailed auditable logs of user and case activity.

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Workspace Collaboration

Digital Risk Protection Using Web Intelligence

Stay organized with case management and save and share what is relevant in your investigative process.

Collaborate on investigations and analyses that can easily be shared within your team.

Advanced Search & Alerts

Immediately detect threats and reduce false positives with our unified rules engine.

Unlimited access to an expansive index of Social, Open and Dark Web sources alongside key closed intelligence databases.

Advanced search capabilities with quick filters, AI-augmented content extraction, and historical data access.

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Built-In Scalability

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Access all your OSINT and Dark Web intelligence from one platform.  No need to go in and out of multiple tools and sites.

Single pane of glass UI is easy to use and provides immediate time to value for new customers.

Use our Threat API to integrate and correlate automated web threat discovery alerts into existing security technology architecture/products.

Key Features

Web Coverage

Unlimited access to an expansive index of Social, Open and Dark Web sources alongside key closed intelligence databases in a single place.


Consolidate and capture parsed unlimited profiles for persons, companies, and domains with one click.


Pathfinder lets you explore, visualize and save connections between actors, domains, usernames, and other digital entities to build your investigative path.


Immediate and daily alerts from our asset-driven unified rules engine or advanced search queries


Create and customize case reports, export your saved results, and capture in-the-moment social insights.


Customizable team-based environment drive collaboration and keep teams in the know and organized.

Strengthen Your Security Posture

Boaden your lens on your digital attack surface to secure your brand and assets.