Digital Risk Detection Platform

Detect digital risks across the social, surface, deep, and dark web.

Many organizations understand the importance of protecting the digital identifiers of their assets across public online networks. However, technical analysts with the time and skill to make Digital Risk Detection tools work are expensive and hard to come by.


Inefficient Digital Risk Detection solutions decrease profitability and create barriers to growth.


The Digital Risk Detection solution space is enterprise-focused and requires experienced in-house security teams.


It is expensive and time-consuming to sift through the noise and identify relevant risks across public online networks.

Our Platform

Our automated risk detection workflows and industry expertise help fill resource gaps and streamline online risk detection. We allow organizations to focus on remediating relevant risks rather than looking for them.

digital footprint

Asset Management

Define: Load known digital identifiers (usernames, phone numbers, and emails) of brands, executives, and third parties.

Enrich:Discover and validate additional identifiers exposed in public online networks.

Maintain: Store and manage your inventory of corporate assets to optimize digital risk awareness.

Risk Detection

Target Risk: Apply Media Sonar expert-built risk rules against your enriched assets.

Discover: Surface exposures, data breach indicators, and reputationally damaging content across relevant social, surface, deep, and dark web sources.

Maintain: Manage saved content and perform ongoing risk detection.

Our Value To You

Increase Security Posture

Strengthen your security strategy by addressing risks associated with the digital footprint of corporate assets.

Trusted Partner Expertise

Our domain-expertise and pre-built risk detection packages supplement resource gaps.

Address Security Requirements

Prove to customers, cyber insurance providers, and stakeholders that you understand your risks and exposures.

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Media Sonar helps organizations surface indicators of data breaches, reputationally damaging content, and online threats of violence related to critical corporate assets.