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Solving The OSINT Efficiency Problem
Solving The OSINT Efficiency ProblemIncorporating open source intelligence (OSINT) and in particular web intelligence (WEBINT) into corporate cybersecurity practices is becoming increasingly important for client enterprises to fully secure their brands and assets. However, the cost to conduct this type…
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[Webinar] From Reactive to Proactive Threat Intelligence
From Reactive to Proactive Threat IntelligenceGetting ahead of threats in a corporate environment is always a challenge – even more so in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. To embed Web Intelligence & Investigation into security operations, corporations will need to…
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Take The Right Steps Towards OSINT Maturity
Take The Right Steps Towards OSINT MaturityGetting Started With OSINT Information from the Surface, Deep, and Dark Web is a key resource for your security organization. You need OSINT skills within your security team to gather insights into threats and…
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osint for business asset protection
How to Use OSINT for Security POI Investigations
How To Use OSINT for Security POI InvestigationsGet AccessSteps, Tips & Best Practices Security teams who require information about a (Point of Interest) POI will need to secure the right open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources and techniques in order to identify…
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osint for brand protection
Brand Protection Investigations Using OSINT
Help Protect Your Brand With OSINTOSINT for Brandjacking At its essence, brandjacking is a forgery. Bad actors forge a company’s digital assets including logos, websites, emails, domains, search engine ads, and social media accounts. These types of schemes can cause…
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how to reduce osint false positivesq
Minimize False Positives in Your OSINT Investigations
Minimize False Positives in Your OSINT InvestigationsWhat are False Positives in OSINT? In the context of open-source intelligence (OSINT), false positives occur when an alert is generated from a keyword or phrase being identified, but the context of the keyword…
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osint techniques and elements
The Hidden & Visible Elements of OSINT
The Hidden & Visible Elements of OSINTThe Investigative Lens Investigative thinking requires a specific type of lens. People are naturally prone to bias. Each of us, all humans, fall prey to multiple cognitive biases. These are natural and occur without…
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Securing Business with Human Intelligence
Securing Business with Human IntelligenceThe Power of Web Intelligence During COVID-19 The COVID-19 crisis has had a tremendous impact on the world and, overnight, organizations were faced with the disruption of operations and a surge of emerging threats. Globally, systems…
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is osint legal
OSINT Best Practices: Legal & Ethical Considerations
OSINT Best Practices: Legal & Ethical ConsiderationsIntroduction What was once the domain of highly specialized teams even half a decade ago, the collection and utilization of open-source intelligence (OSINT) as a function of security is now becoming a critical component…
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