Impact of Dark Web Markets on Corporate Security & Public Safety

The Birth of Dark Web Markets

The Dark Web is a subset of the Deep Web. It cannot be found using a mainstream search engine, and it cannot be accessed in a mainstream browser such as Google Chrome. The Dark Web is a separate online world and the Dark Web sites exist in the shadows. To access the Dark Web, specialized software is required. Additional safeguards are also recommended as many Dark Web users will try to exploit the naivete of new users.

Dark Web marketplaces exist to support the unfettered transactions of primarily illicit goods and services. Sellers are free to peddle any and all goods to buyers around the world. Meanwhile, the operators of centralized markets hosting these exchanges make a considerable profit.

Impact on Corporate Security

Dark Web marketplaces are not just a concern for Law Enforcement, they have an impact on Corporate Security as well. As the convergence of physical and digital worlds generate more complex and multifaceted problems, threats now reach into both spheres so that physical security professionals and cybersecurity professionals must work together and develop skills to bridge the gaps.

Impact on Public Safety

The impact of Dark Web marketplaces has on public safety and security is undeniable. The opioid crisis, one of the biggest problems we face as a society, is attributed in part to the ease and availability of drugs online. Human trafficking, child pornography, weapons and munitions – Dark Web marketplaces do not create these problems, they exacerbate existing ones and add a level of complexity to already challenging situations.

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