Will Every Organization Be Breached?

Primary research results exploring how security professionals are identifying and managing data breaches.

In today’s hyper-connected world, security teams are no longer wondering if an attack is on the way but instead asking themselves when it happened, how it happened, what the impacts are, and what can be done about them.

The statistics presented throughout this report were gathered by the Media Sonar research team through surveys involving corporate and information security professionals. The research is focused on how organizations can better identify and manage the impacts of exposed information in a world where breaches are inevitable.

Do you assume every organization has been breached or will be breached?

data breach statistics

This report answers 3 key questions:

  • How are security professionals managing the brand damages, financial losses, and business disruptions that arise from data breaches?
  • How can organizations enrich existing security controls by looking past the traditional corporate perimeter?
  • What can organizations do to overcome time and skill limitations when gathering actionable insights across social, surface, deep and dark web sources? 

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