Open Source & Dark Web Intelligence for Digital Risk Profiles

Business leaders are excited about the opportunities unlocked by technology but are understandably concerned about how digital transformation can be delivered without negatively impacting the organization. It becomes hard to understand the expanding attack surface, know where information is stored and shared, measure the loss of critical data, and maintain brand integrity. Organizations need to take a good look at their security posture and ask themselves: How much of our business is reliant on technology? How is our threat landscape changing? Do we understand it? And what actions can we take to mitigate the risk?

The goal of this report is to leave you with an appreciation for how digital transformation is impacting the security landscape and the emerging importance of the human factor and digital identities in managing those impacts. Organizations need to evaluate their security posture holistically and continuously to really get a grasp of their risks, resources, and tolerances to avoid costly damages that can come from a tarnished brand and broken trust with customers.

Risk is inevitable in any business, but suffering negative impacts of disruption is not.

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