Get Proactive About Insider Threats

A private company operating hospital care centers, and medical practices across multiple North American cities was having a hard time combatting a high number of cybersecurity threats. Their information security team had a strong defense but were blind to threats that happened outside their system.

Across the organization, the private hospital network had over 60,000 employees. Their information security team knew it was not a matter of if, but a matter of when an insider threat would occur.

OSINT has incredible power, but you need the right tools and data to make it actionable.

How OSINT Helped Solve The Problem

Through an internal investigation at the hospital, it was discovered that a doctor had been taking patient records home. He meant no malice, like any doctor he cared about his patients and their health.

Nonetheless, a flash drive containing patient information had inadvertently fallen into the wrong hands, and harm was done. It represented a serious insider threat. Everyone with access to patient information was given fresh security training to address the internal problem. It was no leap to think other doctors or nurses were doing the same thing.

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