How to Use OSINT for Brand Protection

OSINT for Brandjacking

At its essence, brandjacking is a forgery. Bad actors forge a company’s digital assets including logos, websites, emails, domains, search engine ads, and social media accounts. These types of schemes can cause major brand damage in the form of lost business, lost customer trust, and lost data.

When it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is your best defense. Although there is cost and time investments upfront, there are several benefits to setting up a preventative OSINT strategy. Ongoing OSINT searches and alerts that warn of potential brandjacking incidents in the early days rather than when it breaks in the news can mean millions to your organization’s bottom line.

When it comes to brand protection, prevention is your best defense.

OSINT for Counterfeit & Stolen Goods

Perhaps one of the biggest threats to corporate and consumer brands is counterfeit goods sold online. The fight against this type of fraud has been heating up over the course of 2020. This type of brand threat has grown beyond a company or industry issue and has moved to top-level global politics.

The earlier a counterfeit goods scam is shut down, the better it is for your brand. OSINT can help to detect mentions of your brand, search social media platforms and top-level/secondary marketplaces, and look for unauthorized sales promotion as indications of possible fraud.

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