How To Use OSINT for Security POI Investigations

Steps, Tips & Best Practices

Security teams who require information about a (Point of Interest) POI will need to secure the right open-source intelligence (OSINT) sources and techniques in order to identify threats and manage risk to their organizations. OSINT has incredible power, but you need the right tools and data to make it actionable.

“How To Use OSINT for Security POI Investigations” addresses common challenges that organizations face as they look to incorporate open intelligence into their own security operations and how Media Sonar’s tools and workflows can help you perform POI investigations 30x faster than traditional investigation methods.

  • Best practices for gathering, consolidating and organizing open intelligence to easily navigate through your Point of Interest (POI) investigations from start to finish.
  • Step-by-step processes for performing OSINT investigations on POIs – with a deep dive into People, Organizations, and Domains.
  • Tips for automating and streamlining your OSINT techniques to accelerate the velocity of your POI investigations and scale your security operations.

OSINT has incredible power, but you need the right tools and data to make it actionable.

OSINT Investigations for Points of Interest

With integrated powerful tools and data sources used by investigators today, platforms like Media Sonar work to answer the specific questions organizations have about POIs and accelerate OSINT investigations.

Media Sonar’s best-in-class digital footprint features and advanced search functions, queries and filters, access to data sources across social, Deep and Dark Web, and specialized OSINT checks help Corporate and Information Security teams investigate POIs.

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