Incorporating Web Intelligence into Executive Protection

Threat actors continue to weaponize the use of personal information, with executives being the most common and valuable victims. High-profile targets like C-suite have unique authority, broad access to sensitive information, and privileges to critical systems that allow threat actors to do more damage and reap a higher financial gain.

Without access to relevant risk indicators and tools to differentiate between harmless chatter and actual threats, security teams risk blindspots that can leave executives vulnerable to data disclosure, reputational damage, and physical harm.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • The history of executive protection and how that influences strategies used today.
  • Tips for identifying and remediating information leaks, reputational damage, and violent threats associated with executives across the public attack surface.
  • How security teams can address the overlap of physical and digital executive protection with web intelligence.

Executives are 12x more likely to be victims of social engineering incidents.

– Verizon

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