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Welcome to Media Sonar

How It Works

Developed for online investigators and analysts

Media Sonar provides investigators with tools to locate the right information by cutting through the noise. Media Sonar helps you do more than just search. Our software helps you find the timely data you need to safeguard against physical and online threats. Follow threads, investigate leads and understand the context around specific data and messages.

Developed in consultation with experts in the field of online investigation, our software provides efficient and effective investigations with proven results.

How It Works

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You’ll no longer need to spend time searching through multiple platforms and sites, only to access a limited amount of data from the surface web. With Media Sonar, you can quickly access data from over 100,000 sources, across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web.

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Our machine learning system will help you focus on what matters. It will filter out the noise and alert you to only relevant risk, threats, and items of interest. Once identified, you can be alerted 24/7 and/or at scheduled times.

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Easily build a complete Digital Footprint of a person’s online presence, with just a few fields and a simple click of a button. From here, our platform will highlight new leads and connections for you, enabling you to deepen your investigation and find the answers you need.

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Media Sonar helps you get organized. Gathering all your associated posts, links, and data into a case will help you see the big picture and make the connections only you can find.

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Easily share your findings with your team through clear reporting and team case sharing.

Media Sonar software is used by physical and cyber security professionals.


Blogs, Forums & News

Enrich your data

Expand the depth of your intelligence gathering using unique data found in the Deep Web blogs, forums, and fringe news.

Speed up your search

Unlike time-consuming manual searching online, with Media Sonar you gain access to Surface, Deep and Dark Web forums all on one platform.

Dark Web Search

Safely and anonymously access the Dark Web

Media Sonar acts as a shield to keep your system secure and your personal data safe when searching the Dark Web.

Broaden your intelligence

Include Dark Web data in your investigations to discover previously unidentified risks and broaden your case intelligence.

Digital Footprint

Generate a full digital snapshot

With a few keystrokes, quickly access an individual’s online presence including all related personas and connections.

Make connections

With access to 2+ billion records, you can easily pursue the linked associates in a Digital Footprint to help you find missing players in your investigation.

Social Platforms

Find lost data

Include leads in your investigations that are unavailable with standard search methods and tools.

Sort quality from quantity

With verified profiles clearly marked, focus your investigations in the right places.

Gain unexpected leads

Using the tags in the page, pick-up unexpected names, and connections.

Case Management & Reporting

Case Management Structure

Get organized. Save your Digital Footprints, Social Insights reports, search queries and results all in cases to keep you focused and easily share.

Social Insights

Social Insights Reporting

View high-level analytics of your social results in an easy to read visual format.

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