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How It's Used

Investigations Software For The Digital Age

Media Sonar coordinates online investigations by connecting the right tools and workflows into a single intelligent solution. Discover threats faster with more complete visibility across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web.

Developed in consultation with experts involved in physical and cyber investigation across industries, our software provides efficient and effective investigations with proven results. 

executive protection

Executive Protection

Extend your situational awareness to the social and digital world to protect your Executives and VIPs from both real-world and digital threats.

Employee Protection

As an employer, you need to protect your most valuable asset – your employees. Be aware to deliver on this fundamental expectation.

Intellectual Property Investigation

Your company’s intellectual property is extremely valuable not only to you but your competitors and other buyers on the open market.

brand protection

Brand Protection

Your brand can be misrepresented online or used for counterfeit goods. Protect this fragile asset and become aware of what’s happening online.

insider threat investigation

Insider Threat Protection

Detect and investigate online mentions across the Surface, Deep and Dark Web to protect your corporate assets.

Criminal Activity Investigation

To combat crimes including human trafficking, illicit drugs and weapons and identity theft, you need access to unique intel only available online.


Crisis Management

Time is crucial in a crisis. Quickly gain situational awareness via the Surface, Deep and Dark Web.

event security venue security

Event & Venue Security

Be on top of things before, during and after an event to safeguard and respond to guests.

due diligence and employee vetting

People Vetting

For key roles or those with sensitive information, you may need to go beyond an interview.

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