Supply Chain Protection

Gain visibility into where suppliers are vulnerable across the public attack surface

As organizations grow increasingly dependent on vendors and service providers, the risk landscape that security teams must secure becomes more complex. Awareness of supply chain risks across social and web channels has never been more critical for maintaining business and avoiding brand and financial damages. 

With Media Sonar, stay on top of brand and revenue-damaging risks associated with suppliers across social, surface, deep and dark web sources. Continue leveraging the value and efficiencies of a comprehensive supply chain – with confidence.


Increase in supply chain attacks since 2019

Awareness of Supplier Information Leaks

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Highly publicized supply chain breaches such as Kaseya and SolarWinds have shown organizations how wide-reaching the consequences of a vendor breach can be. 97% of organizations have been negatively impacted by a supplier data breach and 93% have suffered a direct breach because of weaknesses in their supply chain. 

Apply Media Sonar’s expert-curated risk rules across social media, code-sharing sites, paste sites, forums, and marketplaces to gain superior visibility into potential breaches and leaks tied to your supplier network.

Consideration of Supply Chain Brand Damage

As the number of vendors connected to an organization expands, it becomes difficult to effectively understand and manage the impact of each supplier’s reputation on your own organization’s reputation and bottom line.

Media Sonar surfaces reputationally damaging content related to suppliers across news, blogs, high-probability forums, and social media – allowing security teams to focus on remediating reputational risks before they escalate and harm your organization.

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Improve Efficiency and Supplement Expertise

It can be overwhelming and time-consuming for an organization to manage the amount of data associated with each of its suppliers across social media, deep and dark web, news and blogs, marketplaces, pastebins, etc. Media Sonar reduces the time and expertise needed to uncover risks where brands exist, engage, or are attacked.


Build, enrich, and store known digital identifiers of the supplier you are looking to safeguard and let Media Sonar’s technology immediately discover additional identifiers you didn’t know.


Use expert-built plug-and-play queries or build your own custom queries associated with key risk categories of interest for your suppliers and other assets across high-probability sources.


Evaluate results using an interactive, single-pane dashboard, enrich findings with Pathfinder and OSINT toolkit, and create a report to support Digital Risk Assessments of your suppliers.

“Media Sonar’s incredible flexibility and ease of use allows our analysts to quickly react to changing requirements and rapidly target our collection with precision.”

– Director, Cyber Intelligence at a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Analyst Generated Digital Risk Assessments

Many security teams are faced with significant time and expertise constraints in managing the dynamics and breadth of today’s digital attack surface and are not able to address this security coverage gap.

Media Sonar’s Digital Risk Assessment services offer a comprehensive yet easily consumable report generated by our team of expert analysts. The report identifies and consolidates exposed information and reputationally damaging content related to your suppliers. Potential risks are classified with remediation recommendations that allow your security team to focus on prevention and appropriate risk management – without an increased internal workload.

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Why Media Sonar?

Security Posture

By addressing risks across the public attack surface now – that is, social, surface, deep and dark web channels, – organizations can do their diligence and take as many preventative measures as possible to avoid being blindsided by digital risks associated with suppliers in the future.

Trusted Partner

Whether performed through the Media Sonar platform or leveraged through our Digital Risk Assessment services, our industry and domain expertise work to fill security talent gaps and let teams act on the relevant supply chain risks rather than looking for them.


Media Sonar reduces the time and expertise needed to search and consolidate suppliers’ information across the public attack surface – allowing security teams to focus on decision-making and remediation.

BOGO Digital Risk Assessments

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