Better Protect Your Supply Chain with Third-Party Due Diligence

Comprehensive visibility into your supply chain to mitigate operational, financial & reputational damage

Recent high-profile data breaches such as SolarWinds and Kaseya hold a common theme – they were a result of exposures from trusted third parties rather than a direct attack on the targeted organization.  While each business relationship creates value, they also come with potential risks. Vulnerabilities in your supply chain can result in products not ending up on shelves, services not being fulfilled, and brand loyalty being put at risk – ultimately impacting the bottom line.

Comprehensive visibility of your supply chain across the threat intelligence spectrum helps avoid blind spots to better understand, analyze, and take action against potential threats more effectively.


Of organizations are implementing progressive changes to due diligence processes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Addressing the Expanding Supply Chain

If you think about the number of vendors and third parties that your organization is tied to, you can start to see that relying on manual methods to gather due diligence for each touchpoint is slow and cumbersome.

Media Sonar automates third-party due diligence to help you gain deeper visibility into the risk factors in your increasingly complex supply chain. Access best-in-class digital footprint tools and advanced search functions, queries, and filters to make more informed decisions on key third-party players.

From Point in Time Visibility to Proactive Alerting

Many organizations are relying on lagging indicators rather than leading indicators. When you’re reacting after the damage is done, you’re already feeling the impact.

Go beyond the status quo and automatically identify, triage, and prioritize new risks that can adversely impact your supply chain. Broaden your view of risk factors to provide the context needed to proactively address threats quickly and confidently.

Supply Chain Security Requires Ongoing Intelligence

Organizations essentially give suppliers the keys to the castle after they do the initial due diligence checks. Continuous review of all touchpoints across the supply chain is critical to staying on top of changes to businesses that can increase or decrease their risk profile.

Maintain deep visibility into threat indicitors related to your organization’s third party ecosystem with Media Sonar’s ongoing detection intelligence. Receive prioritized alerts concerning emerging situations that may impact your supply chain across the surface web, social media, blogs, forums, and dark web.

Dark Web Intelligence for Supply Chain Security

Forward-thinking organizations are incorporating dark web intelligence to provide a holistic view of their supply chain and deeper visibility into suspicious activity related to their organization’s vendor ecosystem.

In addition to an expansive index of surface and deep web sources, Media Sonar provides safe and anonymous access to dark web forums and ransomware extortion sites. Receive early warning of breaches of vendor networks and help develop insight into the extent to which a supplier is a subject of interest among bad actors.

Key Features

Web Coverage

Unlimited access to an expansive index of Social, Open and Dark Web sources alongside key closed intelligence databases in a single place.


Consolidate and capture parsed unlimited profiles for persons, companies, and domains with one click.


Pathfinder lets you explore, visualize and save connections between actors, domains, usernames, and other digital entities to build your investigative path.


Immediate and daily alerts from our asset-driven threat model engine or advanced search queries


Create and customize case reports, export your saved results, and capture in-the-moment social insights.


A customizable team-based environment drives collaboration and keeps teams in the know and organized.

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