Threats Without Borders

A Look at Cyber Threats to the Healthcare Industry

Maybe your healthcare organization has already been attacked. Maybe you’re apprehensive about a future attack. Or maybe you’re currently under attack – but you aren’t aware of it. 

This webinar explores the issues involved in cyberattacks, and how open and dark web intelligence can reduce risks in the long run for the healthcare industry. We’ll also explain how incorporating open and dark web intelligence into your organization’s operations and practice isn’t as hard as it might seem.

Featured Speakers

Noa Hassidim
Senior Cyber Analyst

With her experience serving in the elite 8200 unit of the Israel Defense Force as an intelligence web and OSINT analyst, Noa is responsible for monitoring and research for VIP customers, professional cyber consulting and cyber product marketing. 

Tyler Logtenberg
Vice President of Product

Media Sonar Technologies

Tyler Logteberg is an entrepreneur and product leader in the digital risk and threat detection industry. With over a decade of experience building advanced software platforms, Tyler has unique experience combining technology innovation and analyst experience.

Access On Demand Webinar

  • Learn how increasing numbers of healthcare organizations discover and investigate cyber threats using open web intelligence.
  • See examples of cyber threats to healthcare from across dark web markets, hacking forums, and other open sources.
  • Understand the costly financial and operational burden of these cyber threats to healthcare organizations.