How Analysts Use OSINT and Dark Web for Cyber Investigations

Threat actors need to be lucky once, you need to be lucky all of the time. They are using increasingly sophisticated techniques and have developed reconnaissance techniques that improve their odds of compromising your high-value assets and systems. But from the ocean of available public data, larger organizations have struggled to transform that into usable intelligence.

A simple path forward? Forgo the need to search each source manually with access to a consolidated pipeline of data from public sources, including the deep and dark web. Leverage a practical workflow that connects and correlates point of interest data across all these sources. Use solutions that augment each stage of the investigative process to help achieve business goals.

IntelligenceX streamlines and archives data from Tor, I2P, data leaks, and the public web by email, domain, IP, CIDR, Bitcoin address, and more.

Media Sonar solves the problem of operationalizing OSINT investigations with action-based lookups of robust point of interest data from sources like IntelligenceX.

Featured Speakers

Peter Kleissner


Peter Kleissner is an entrepreneur, programmer and security analyst. Having previously worked for an anti-virus company and one of the world’s largest banks, Kleissner also founded the startup company Kleissner & Associates in 2013 which was acquired by Lookingglass Cyber Solutions in 2015. He continued to work at Lookingglass for 3 years before starting his new company Intelligence X.

Tyler Logtenberg
Vice President of Product

Media Sonar Technologies

Tyler Logtenberg is an entrepreneur and VP of Product in the Web Intelligence & Investigation industry. With over a decade of experience in strategizing advanced software platforms, Tyler has unique experience combining technology leadership and analyst experience. A subject matter expert in threat detection technology, Tyler brings a wealth of experience in leveraging open source and dark web intelligence to support investigative efforts.

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