From Reactive to Proactive Threat Intelligence

Getting ahead of threats in a corporate environment is always a challenge – even more so in today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape. To embed Web Intelligence & Investigation into security operations, corporations will need to pivot their threat mitigation methodologies from a traditional, reactive approach to one that is far more proactive. Open Source Intelligence – or OSINT – is a powerful tool, but many large organizations are only using it after the fact.

To fully appreciate the value of OSINT, it needs to be understood as a key part of the decision-making process – not just for mitigation, but for risk avoidance as well. This webinar will help you understand how to better use OSINT as part of your maturing security stance.

Featured Speakers

Paul Huston
Director of Corporate Security

Lowe's Canada

Paul Huston is the Director of Corporate Security and Aviation at Lowe’s Canada. Prior to Lowe’s, Paul spent 25 years working within the Canadian security and intelligence community, including as Director of Intelligence Assessments for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. He previously served as VIA Rail Canada’s first National Coordinator for Corporate Security, and acts as a Director and Security Advisor for MSC Canada – one of Canada`s largest charitable organizations. Paul is also involved in ASIS International security work related to protecting transportation supply chains, houses of worship, and cultural communities.

Tyler Logtenberg
Vice President of Product

Media Sonar Technologies

Tyler Logtenberg is an entrepreneur and VP of Product in the Web Intelligence & Investigation industry. With over a decade of experience in strategizing advanced software platforms, Tyler has unique experience combining technology leadership and analyst experience. A subject matter expert in threat detection technology, Tyler brings a wealth of experience in leveraging open source and dark web intelligence to support investigative efforts.

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  • Understand how to use OSINT as a key part of the decision-making process to reduce risk to your organization as a whole.
  • Steer away from traditional, reactive security to get proactively ahead of threats to your organization.
  • Learn how incorporating Open and Dark Web intelligence can drive maturity in your security operations.